I am so much grateful that my friends have introduced me to the angel medium, Ms. Therese Castro. I have already gone through other spiritual readings before, including a famous medium, but with Therese, you’re definitely in for a really comprehensive and thorough reading. Through her readings and angel life coaching, I feel more than fulfilled, I actually feel edified, knowing & feeling the clarity of my life’s mission. I know that I can move forward with a renewed commitment to being more courageous, trusting and worthy. Definitely spot-on! Therese, you have been such a big help to me and I do hope that you can help a lot more people along the way, and for that I am so grateful and blessed.

J. Aguilar

I had a very unique experience I would love to share with you. It’ 1:54 am here in California I was already asleep , came home from work feeling drained. All of the sudden. I wake up but have the need to look at your page and was drawn to listen to two videos you have posted one was a beautiful song I heard that just felt so amazing to hear. 2nd was thus video message here that was very heart felt. I recently started craving for the need of being loved and yearning to have the experienced to beloved by a special someone. Until I saw this message I realized that special someone I was yearning for to love me …..is me.! Now I understand that I have to love me so everything else will fall in place. Thank you for this wonderful experience tonight. Therese Castro

J. Ramirez