Holistic Health Counseling can transform your life

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“A holistic health counselor encourages patients to adopt an active, integrative approach to general healthcare and wellness. The counselor considers core aspects of the entire person — body, mind, and spirit — to help clients improve personal well-being through everyday lifestyle choices.” – Study.com


As somebody who has experienced and survived anxiety, neglect, emotional abuse, and addiction, I can help you have a better understanding of what you are going through, why, and how everything IS coming together to help you.

Everything is empowering you to become the best version of yourself and to take charge of your life and choices. Life is challenging because it is fine-tuning the best parts of yourself you are in the process of realizing or accepting.


My Intuitive Reading for you can:

  • Clarify why things happen the way they do and how you can best utilize these experiences and happenings to your growth and success.
  • Prove that there is a grand scheme of things and it always includes your happiness and fulfillment.
  • Help you understand your powerful subconscious, repressed beliefs and programs that are filtering and shaping your experience.
  • Be a roadmap to plan, recommend, and review your next moves and steps.
  • Illuminate hidden motives.
  • Provide wellness measures and tips to stop self-sabotage.
  • Boost your connection and belief in the Universe and Guides (e.g. Angels) and above all–yourself.


All readings are unique from each other and 100% tailor-made for the querent.


Included in the Intuitive Reading are:

  • Blessing of your CV, home, water, family, and imparting soothing healing vibrations through Reiki and Focused Prayer.
  • Channeled messages from departed loved ones, Spirit Guides, and Angels.
  • Healing and Message-encoded singing (a.k.a Tongues/Soul Language)
  • Complementary follow-up readings as long as it’s in the same topic/query.
  • Friends for life (Hi! 🙂 and the Angels)



  • Totally confidential and enlightening experience.


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A Self-Portrait 

For one of my classes, we were tasked to make a self-portrait. We were given the freedom to do what we wanted. I chose to draw my Twin Flame.

It’s not the first time I’ve drawn her. I recorded her eyes as soon as I received the vision. I’m thankful that I did. I had a piece of her I could use as a doorway to that beautiful energy.

Her gaze is intense but it is harmless. This gaze is wise. Kind, protective and sincere. She pierces through appearance and sees the heart. I see her as a Councilor. Someone people look to for advice. She is an old soul yet looking so young.

I’m getting a vision now. I see her with her basket. She is picking wheat and grain, collecting them. I’m perhaps being shown this to know that she is a hard worker. Someone who puts loving dedication into her work. I see her patience. Her eyelashes are thick blinds over her eyes. I’m noticing how thick her hair is. The black against the khaki of her overdress.  How small her features are. Such strength in such small a frame.

I see myself as the young man I once was, peeking shyly at her behind a tree trunk. That is so very like me.

But she notices me. A faint smile creases her lips. My old self did not realize this until she looked up to me from her work. She beckons me to work with her. I do.

Perhaps I’m being shown this because I will be “put to work”  when we reunite. She displays natural leadership skills as she directs where I place the firewood. Where I line up the rocks, the baskets. Round up the chickens.

After work, I sit on a surface (vague). My red face glistens with beads of sweat. She offers me linen and cool water. Because she is so close, beside me, I see the tenderness in her features. She doesn’t try to conceal this fondness for me.

At night, we dance. Smoke is offered to the Gods of the sky. There is drumming. Men and women and children dance, shout, yell. We are offering a prayer to the Gods as thanks for the good crop. I am painted, looking quite fierce. My twin and I dance together until it feels like we are the only ones left. We are synchronizing. Our pounding hearts synced with the heart beat of the earth. This very much like my previous vision.

She reaches out to touch my face. Her hair is down. The ribbons are off. Her touch is light and she kisses me, holds my hands and pressed them together to fold them into hers. She kisses my knuckles. I could only watch with wonder. Then, she placed my hands to her heart. Then to her womb.

She is pregnant. I feel the curvature of her stomach. It is soft and strong. I sink to my knees, bowing, and lay my head there. Wrap my arms around her and child. It is dark where we are, in our bungalow. Sacred. Still. The ambiance is gray and there is no light except the sun’s leaking through the crevices, but it could not be any warmer. We are connected.

And this concludes the messages my Twin Flame has sent me.

Therese of Angel Inspirations


Problem mindset #1: To see change you have to change

To see change in your life, you have to change. Now, some of you might argue, “No, it’s my circumstances that have to change“, and while you are right, there are some things that we cannot change. For example (but not limited to): A manipulative lover, underpaying job, born into an underprivileged family.

So, what is it about ourselves that we have to change and how does this relate to the external forces affecting our lives?

Instead of changing the problem, change your approach to the problem. It’s not up to you that your manipulative lover doesn’t want to change. You have a big heart for doing everything you can to make him/her see the light, but they are showing you their truest values. You’re showing true initiative and dedication by trying to work up the ladder in your career, but some workplaces won’t see the value of your work or reflect that back to you. It’s not your fault you’re born into an underprivileged family and it most certainly isn’t your destiny either.

You are trying so hard to get the external factors to adjust to you but what if they’re never meant to?

For the cheating lovers: You tried everything. You prayed, sent him/her Reiki, asked God to make him/her change his/her ways. Even did legal action and brought it to court all to salvage what was already broken.

What if you had to change by choosing to let go of this person and stop hurting yourself instead?

For the underwhelming careers: Nothing is making it better and you are not getting any incentives and recognition for your hard work. Instead staying trapped and doomed by this system, how about start planning your exit out? Attending networking events, job fairs, or online seminars.

For the underprivileged circumstances: There are too many reasons to list why you are born into poverty. (I could list geopolitical factors but that’s not the scope of this article) The bottom-line is: you don’t have to feed into this cycle. You don’t have to continue the legacy of poverty. It will definitely take work and you may be the first effort in an ancestry of repetition but as long as you have the capacity to think for yourself, you can turn things around. You can start reading up about budgeting, investing–you are lucky enough to live in an era where most resources are readily available, affordable and free.

We try to change the external factors because we don’t want to change the internal factors that insist we have no other choice. The internal factors such as doubt, fear, worry, and anxiety are manifestations of core beliefs that stem from our developmental years (not limited to just childhood). Here are samples of core beliefs:

  • I can’t be rich. I’m not made for that life.
  • I’m always alone. If she/he’s gone, I’ll have no one.
  • You can’t get money from your passions. That’s cheating.

These core beliefs are the keys to the life you believe you deserve. If you are able to reprogram your core beliefs, you will almost always choose to be accountable, proactive, and relentless in your pursuit of your dream life. Staying in the situation is showing you what you truly believe you deserve. This is not often so clear. It almost always subtle and discreet.

But your actions shout louder than words. What are you doing now as a result of what you are believing?

Comment below and let’s work on it together.

Much love,

Therese Castro, Life Coach and Founder of Angel Inspirations

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A NEW Angel Inspirations is coming

Hello beloved! I’ve just finished outlining some plans and ideas on Excel. There’s tons of surprises for you and lots of fun, informative, and inspiring posts on the way. There’s no set date when this will all commence, but when I’ve finalized everything and found a consistent style, you’ll be the first to know.

I’m in the middle of many transitions in my life. Job-hunting, reflecting on my future outside of school, my spiritual work, how I can link my talents, my potential, and my dreams together. Quite some stuff for a 20-something, you would think, but I’ve only realized the importance of really having goals, making them plans, and making them happen.

Sometimes I do get frustrated. “I should have realized this eons ago!”–sound familiar to you?

But we must realize that we are always doing our best. Even if later on we realize we could have done more, we couldn’t have had. We have to have the humbleness to accept who we were at that time and make the now count.

If you’re realizing things now, it’s the perfect time. There is a reason to our “late bloomings”. You will realize soon enough that they weren’t late at all.

Everything is timely because we are divinely guided.

Much love and excitement,

Therese of Angel Inspiration


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“Please ask the Angels to guide me.”

“Please ask the Angels to guide me.”

The thing is, there’s never a time they aren’t guiding you whether you asked for it or not. Wherever you are, whether you’re at your lowest and at your highest, you are where you’re supposed to be. The perfect trajectory to be launched into something greater.

How do we know something greater is coming next? How can we believe that something greater is coming next?

Because you’re in the position to decide. You are the one who’s going to prop his/her feet on the ground and launch.

Because there won’t be a future without your participation. So, participate. Even if you don’t know what to do or how, start now.

When something doesn’t go according to plan, we get discouraged. That’s another form of pride because that implies that there’s only one way! When are are several ways, more than the stars in the sky.

If something isn’t working, do something else. It’s that simple sometimes. And if that doesn’t work, revise revise revise.

Sometimes it isn’t life that is disappointing us. We are disappointing us. Ouch.

By holding on to limited ways, limited thinking. How could you expect something better that way?

Rise up. Meet yourself at your own expectations. The Universe is always proud of you, supporting you.

But how about you to you?

Love, Therese of Angel Inspirations.

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I am allowed to feel my feelings

“I don’t need to apologize for my feelings.

My feelings are real.

I am allowed to feel my feelings.”

Jan 6, 2016

I am allowed to feel. My feelings, both that feel good and feel bad, are equally valid and real. It is ok to feel. Through feeling, I can heal.

I had a very deep meditation last night. A on one chat with myself, Source and the Angels. It was sooo needed and divinely guided. I was feeling doubt regarding the Divine plan of my soul and doubt regarding my capabilities. I went to ask 2 psychics to help me. One said she was ‘blocked’, the other one said ‘I had the answers’. These answers distressed me. I didn’t want to face myself. Didn’t want to really know how much I was collapsing on the inside. These rejections from fellow psychics was a message from Spirit. I had to pay attention.

I surrendered, sat down cross-legged on my bed. With God, the Angels, and myself as the witnesses, I confessed, “I know how I keep telling myself to be positive. To keep visualizing the best outcome. To believe it. But I honestly don’t believe it right now. I’m so frightened. I feel helpless. I feel I really messed up…”

You know how in new age spirituality it’s taught that, “You have to be positive! Stay optimistic!” but you cannot be happy and optimistic if you simply… don’t.

‘BEing’ happy is being confused for numbness. This is not what truly being happy and optimistic is about.

You need to feel. Even the ‘bad’, ‘uncomfortable’ feelings.

There is actually no such thing as a positive and negative feeling. They’re all feelings. They’re all messengers. They all have something necessary to say.

They all want you to grow. To realize what’s going on, and what you can be.

To be happy, you need to feel sad (if that’s how you genuinely feel). To be happy, to be spiritually free, you need to allow yourself to confront all your emotions. They’re not as scary as we think. They’re all needing love and understanding the same way you do.

Maybe you felt like how I was during that meditation. The crushing weight of responsibility and being battered by the chances I never took, the same mistakes/situations happening in a seemingly endless loop. Feeling so small and fragile while life, so big, daunting, and out of control.

It was through simultaneously feeling and observing that I realized that I’m always given choices. All of the problems I think I have come from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). This is why the same mistakes/situations keep happening.

It’s because I never truly allowed myself to live. Instead of focusing on the moment, making spontaneous decisions and healthy risks, I kept trying to play it safe that I ended up not getting anywhere. I took myself and life so seriously that no movement could happen. It’s all frozen in time. I was that powerful. I was that important.

If I decided to just be free… To live happily, passionately, to take risks and choices and allow myself to scrape a knee or have my heart a little broke, I would be living life instead of letting life happen to me.

And that’s how you take control of life.
You don’t.

Because you are life. You are not separate from life. Life doesn’t happen to you, you are happening to life by choosing to act. Choosing potential. Focusing on what can be by making it real this moment.

Realizing all this made my heart glow. I promised myself not to take anything personally. Not to take myself so seriously. In the end of our lives, we all end up the same way.

Through this, I was at awe with my capacity to feel. I embraced my emotions and all that I am. I love life and life loves me!

With love, Therese Castro (Angel Inspirations)

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Sending Healing Energy (with Video)

I made a healing event with the intention to send a downpour of healing and unconditional love to conflict areas, Hate/crime organizations, the abused and abusers.

I was inspired by Jorge Ramos’ documentary “Hate Rising” that exposed the pressing hate situation in America. Only 20 mins in and my blood went cold from how truly disturbing the documentary was. There is so much love and light in this world—but there is also THIS: Hate, fear-mongering, division, violence, and discrimination.

But it doesn’t mean we are helpless. You’re here. You’re breathing. You can do something, even a little thing.

This is my little thing, from the bottom of my heart.

If you are someone in need of healing, comment “I can heal” and hold this intention in your mind and heart for at least 5 minutes. Imagine thousands of hands casting light to the area in your body and life in need of healing. This is crucial because some of you may be going against years of neglect and abuse. That’s why it is important to sit with this intention in mind for a while, so that it can sink in to your reality.

This energy is infinite. Taking some will never deplete it. Never think that you can’t take so much. You are allowed to get as much as you can. Everyday. Anytime. Any place. Regardless of what you’ve done and what has happened.

The world can and will heal. Starting with you.

Video here

Angel Inspirations by Therese Castro

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