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Whatever you ask for is a yes.

Whatever you ask for is a yes.

Will I be rich? Yes.

Will I have a house? Yes.

Will I be able to travel? Yes.

Will I meet my special someone? Yes.

Will I be able to pay off my debts? Yes.

Will I meet true friends who truly support and love me? Yes.

What makes the difference is in what actions you are doing now to get from x to y. I keep seeing “Will” questions as if implying that these things will happen to them (e.g. destiny) INSTEAD of them happening to what they want (e.g. you create destiny).

Sometimes the belief of destiny is so harmful this way. It’s implying that things happen by chance rather than you creating it.

Yes, situations and circumstances can be so negative and confining that we can’t help but think if we’d ever find peace or have what we want.

But you are powerful.

Nothing can take that power away from you. Not the rapist. Not the burglar. Not the government. Not your parents. Not society. Not the cheater.

You are powerful. I hope you realize that.

And just because you are powerful doesn’t mean you have to be all alone doing this. When you are asking a “Will” question, most of the time it’s a cry for support than asking for an answer.

I support you. I see you living without having to worry if tomorrow would be your last. I see you living with so much abundance in your life that you have enough to spare. I see you loved. I see you safe. I see you living that dream job. I see you taking selfies in your dream country.

I see you.

I hope this encourages you to stop asking “Will” and to use your will instead. The rest will follow. You are the lead.

Love, Intuitive Angelic Counselor Therese Castro

I’m ready for my next steps!


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