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The most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve had

Do you feel that Kali energy? ROAR.


Pretty much the most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve ever had just happened. Here’s something most of you don’t know about when I do photo-readings: They HURT. I oftentimes submit my photo-reading to the client really needing to cleanse myself, shower, or meditate. They hurt because in order for me to talk about you without knowing you or meeting you (I don’t video chat or call any of my clients), I need to connect to your energy. I need to go into your skin and relay what I see, feel, and be.

The client was in a lot of pain and suffering. I was hesitant because it was already hurting me and I hadn’t tapped in yet. I prayed, gathered my bearings and dove into the photos.

I sat through the pain, feeling all of it, relaying all of it. Then something really amazing happened.

There was no more pain.

The message was to not let what happened become our destiny and sure enough, that’s what happened.

I sat with the pain, made peace with it and I felt empowered by it because the pain was no longer my prison. I had acceptance of what happened and CHOSE to create what would come next.

Video coming! Stay tuuunneeddd.

Love, Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

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