Empowering Guidance to Conquer Life’s Mountains

What is Angel Inspirations?

Angel Inspirations is the culmination of Therese Castro’s transformation from a life lived in helplessness, addiction, and anxiety, to a life lead by purpose, service, and love.

It started out as a blog on FB and evolved into the discovery of her calling as a spiritual counselor and coach. Now, she offers alternative therapy and intuitive guidance for all who believe it can help them.

Therese’s style is very encouraging, validating, while being truthful and actionable. She was inspired by Angels who helped her change her life in the first place, and who continue to be her source of inspiration and strength.

Why Angels?

The Angels are our divine protectors and closest companions whether we believe it or not. They are non-denominational meaning they belong to no one faith and support us with every step we take. Since they respect our freewill so much, we are allowed to experience the completeness of human experience because they see everything as an encounter of love–and this can be radically different from and beyond our limited human perspective–the power of love and the necessity of it.

They can help us rise above our circumstances by reminding us that we are captains of our lives. We are creating our lives and retelling our stories moment to moment, and that we are the perfect people to carry out our message and our purpose in this life. We are placed in our unique life circumstances because what we are going through is not impossible for us.

The Angels also teach us to see the big picture, to trust in ourselves and to make meaningful decisions. They are like our greatest spiritual cheerleaders!

What is the tagline: Angel Life Coaching, Healing, Therapy?


  • I help you see the bigger perspective about any situation and yourself with clarity by connecting with your Guides and yourself:

Example Situation #1: You send me your photo and upon empathically tuning into it, I feel your crippling anxiety. When asking for the Guides about more detail about this anxiety, I am shown how you were always reprimanded and blamed as a child. You grew up thinking that you were constantly wrong and everything is your fault so you became an insecure, emotionally dependent, and indecisive adult. Instead of hating or trying to “correct” this anxiety, I, with the insight and guidance from the Guides, will help you learn to love and forgive the people and situations in your life that have formed anxiety, and accept yourself, so that you won’t feel boxed in my anxiety anymore. We will also explain why some things may have happened and the hidden blessing of empowerment these have for you, and your point of power which is in CHOOSING to turn this experience with anxiety by loving and forgiving those who’ve hurt you and yourself so and live in such a way that anxiety is no longer your prison but just an aspect of you. You are more than your anxiety and the experiences you’ve had. Your power comes in through your will and perspective. 

Example Situation #2: Perhaps a limiting or painful situation such as constant lack of money. Parents and friends may drain your money dry and it seems you are constantly depended on and struggling to make ends meet. With the Guides, we will tune into the situation and review the intention and purpose of the problematic players in your life and explain their roles. We will also explain why this keeps repeating and how you can make it stop. We also understand that making the sudden change will be difficult at first, so we will do a healing session and teach you how to work up the strength and develop consistency to change your situation.

  • Though I tap into the energy trends that can be useful in seeing the likely outcome of events, readings with me are NOT meant solely for fortune-telling because merely predicting events implies that you are powerless in the face of changes in your life, which is absolutely FALSE. Though you may not be able to change every single thing in your life, you can change the things you can through what you can directly control. When you focus on healing and empowering yourself, mindset, and beliefs, you will ALWAYS be able to find meaning, solutions, and purpose through perceived annoyances.
  • The readings are instead, meant to be a road-map and compass to see how things REALLY are outside of fear, bias, and the self-imposed limitations we tell ourselves; where things are leading and where they came from; the lessons and hidden blessings these are imparting, what are some recommended actions and solutions to take and how you can transform your experience.


  • I let the client talk about their problems and the healing process comes on its own. Most of the time, people just want to be heard. They want to feel supported, loved, and accepted. I give them safe space to process their emotions.
  • The messages I get from the Angels are very reassuring. The Angels know how to be gentle and talk in a way that doesn’t shut you down but in the same time, they are very honest and frank.


  • I am not the healer. The healers don’t have the healing powers of their own. It’s all from God/Source. And when I say God/Source, I mean the universal consciousness that is BEYOND religions.
  • We “healers” are simply channels that open up healing. We do this through validation. I guide the person to self-love and acceptance. The healing can’t take place without our belief and without our openness because we are crucial to our own healing. We can’t heal without our own permission. This permission comes from believing we are deserving and worthy of healing. And that it is possible.

Who is behind Angel Inspirations?

Hi love! I’m Therese. When reflecting on myself, I’d say I’ve become a completely different person, but when I dig deeper, it’s more appropriate to say that ever since I accepted my vocation as an Angel Life Coach and Psychic Reader — I’ve become myself.

I was a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Empath ever since. I both loved and abhorred feeling my environment, people, and myself so much. My heightened awareness made me feel different from others. I couldn’t hang out with many people because I knew immediately if they weren’t being sincere to me. I connected with few people and these failed because the moment I opened my heart, I only felt the difference. At the same time, I grew up in a dysfunctional family where I witnessed bullying and psychological abuse in addition to the bullying and psychological abuse I was experiencing in school!

I developed behavioral problems, low self-esteem and severe social anxiety. I was hurting from the lack of support. I was famished for love and looked for it in all the wrong places and means: narcissistic and toxic relationships, addictions, passive aggressiveness, lying and manipulation. I convinced myself that I was wrong, my high sensitivity was wrong, my anxiety was wrong — all my pain was wrong. My life had become meaningless and directionless. I didn’t believe I had a divine life purpose or any strength to make changes in my life. Worse, I didn’t think I was truly worthy of happiness because of the shameful things I did. 

I wanted to disappear until I received my first psychic reading from the renowned pianist and psychic, Nick Nangit. It was my first genuine experience of willingly receiving somebody else’s love and support. My gift of empathy came back through his empathizing with me and this time, I didn’t push it away. I got introduced to the beautiful world of new age self-help and started my journey of self-discovery and healing. Along the way, I met the Angels and have been communicating with them ever since. They were there during my turbulent and graceful moments of transition. They were there to celebrate with me, hold my hand, and remind me that I’m loved. 

I want to do the same for you. Now, I’m helping others realize that they can stop the cycle of victimhood because life is happening for us, not to us. We all are worthy and have the ability to turn our lives around. I did, and so can you!

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