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Certified Angelic Medium™ by International Association of Angel Practitioners


I received incredible blessings on my birthday and this was one of them. A heartfelt thank you to my departed loved one, Uncle Monch, who passed on Nov 1 and gave me the most amazing mediumship experience that qualified me for certification. I’ve finally graduated after 2 years!

I’m currently uploading a video recount of the said mediumship experience which I will link here asap!

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro

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Gifted the Rite of the Womb — Munay-Ki

“The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited. They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

“The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.” – (Alberto Villoldo, founder)”

Munay Ki

Gifted today (Nov 1 EST/Nov 2 PHT) by Angela Mia White. We started by learning about the Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. When the oceans are black, the air is too polluted to breathe in, and nature devastated, a new people, the Rainbow Warriors, will teach humanity how to live in harmony with nature, how to live compassionately and lovingly.

Hearing this story made this feeling I have in my heart real to me. I always to help people and one way I’m doing this is through my readings, I help people understand their thinking, take charge of their lives and transform their stories. I am honored to be gifted this rite as a renewal and deepening of my commitment in creating a new world order of love, harmony, and unity.

I was surrounded by my ancestors, Imba Wimbo playing around me. In this deep peace, I saw myself in that past life of mine as a Native Indian man. I was sitting in the middle of this cliff, my hands in prayer position below my lips. Some people gathered around me to see the spectacle. Elders emerged with this bowls of water and poured it over my head. My friend, whom I told this to, told me it was like a baptismal, and it kind of was. The old me was being washed away, the impure thoughts, the malicious intentions. I was being made clean. That’s how this Rite of the Womb felt like to me. Experiencing this was like a paralleling of then and now of this renewal of commitment.

I promise, I will share this gift. I will continue to spread healing and forgiveness.



Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro

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Seeing 444? All is Well! (Channeled by Therese Castro)

Copy of -Anxiety is not the fear of the thing. It's really a fear of the way we think about a thing.- - David Jacobi, Ph.D.

“444 embodies comfort, divine protection, assistance, and intervention. This number is sent to you because you’ve been stressing over something for some time now which may be making you feel fearful and alone. 444 is the universe’s means of saying “all is well”. The universe would like to remind you that the size of the problem, small or large, is irrelevant. There is no size except for what we choose to perceive.

The universe asks us to have faith. Though 444 is a very comforting number sequence, it also represents the strength of gentleness. You don’t need to shout, to cry, to run in every direction in distress, you have been heard and you have long been prepared. There’s no stopping you. Not even this.

444 asks you to stop, drop, and be at ease. Worrying will only make the situation even more unbearable for you. Help is always on its way, but you must help yourself too. Sometimes, the best thing asked of us is to receive the help coming our way. This doesn’t mean to be idle. It means to be imaginative. When you’re afraid, you lack imagination: you only see from the perspective of hurt and pain. Utilize your beautiful imagination to think of what can go right. Think of these with ease because this is natural. What is good will never harm you and others. A peaceful resolution of conflict.

You are lovingly supported and guided. Your endeavors will be successful because you are so loved by the universe. The universe asks you to trust, even in this situation. Blockages will be lifted, expect miraculous solutions. Things working out like magic.” -Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

Wasn’t that so comforting, but still don’t know what next step to take? Have an Angel reading with me!

Send some love.

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Spiritual Health Flush (Free Download)

I’m hit by something indescribable.

I was fine. Nothing happened, but I feel like something’s wrong? Could this be you?

This was my client the other day. I gazed into her photo, there was something affecting her. Something external. It wasn’t hormonal imbalance, and she had already had her doctor’s visit.

That’s when us Spiritual Healers step in. I saw that there were environmental energies around her. Clogging her up. It’s natural. Just like you would get sick when you’re in a room full of coughing people, it’s the same when you’ve been exposed to stuffy energy. Stuffy energy can come from people’s negative intentions, negative thoughts–or these don’t even have to be negative, just not yours but you pick it up.

When we don’t take time for self-care, we get increasingly clogged up until there’s a dire need for a wellness flush. Eating right, going for that jog, crying, dancing, netflix and a hot cuppa–things that help us slow down time, show us the love and care we need to continue on.

I channeled this song specifically for those feeling bogged down, having unexplained symptoms that are bothersome. You know you’ve picked up on some funky vibes when you feel:

  • Drained
  • Dirty
  • Watched/Insecure
  • Heavy as if there’s something weighing you down
  • Restless/Inomnia
  • Irritable, easily thrown off
  • A dramatic shift in behavior, oftentimes negative (like thinking malicious intent)

This song is channeled straight from the Angelic realm, and sung with the intentions to cut through whatever isn’t yours, bring you in a state of zen and peace so that this vibration would override the lower one.

You can listen and download it for free here:

What came up for you? Did you get tingles? I’m curious to know the effects these have on you! You can listen to this as much as you’d like. If you want your own, these are included in my In-depth Intuitive Readings.


Therese, Angel Life Coach

*Disclaimer: This is not a substitute to a proper visit to the Doctor’s. This is meant to complement your diagnosis and health/wellness regime.*


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What are difficult relationships here for? (Psychic Reading)


TRANSCRIPT: Hello everybody! This is Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

The message in this card is… What are your relationships teaching you? Reflect on the relationships that are most difficult for you right now. How are they helping you grow? I have a difficult relationship with E in my life right now. E has always been a commanding and authoritative presence in my life. I feel hindered by E, because E prevents me from saying what I really feel because he wouldn’t like it, and has been very critical of my choices. I feel burdened by having to go through to him because he is a dominant figure in my life. I am visualizing E now, like the two cats Moon and Mirror in this card. We are standing juxtaposed. I am taking some deep breaths to relax myself. I remind myself that this is just a visualization and he can’t hurt me from here.

Why do you have to have it your way all the time? Why couldn’t you support me as who I am? Why couldn’t I be valid around you?

I am realizing that it’s because of how this person grew up. He was treated this way and now he’s treating us this way. It’s the values instilled in him since birth.

That’s the surface level. But deeply, seeing him in front of me and remembering all the pain and isolation, I realize that I don’t need him to survive. I don’t need to survive on his validation. I don’t need him to approve of my choice to do spiritual work. I don’t need to continue his dream if I don’t want to. I don’t need to be in his shadow. I didn’t grow up just to be limited by someone and to hurt for all the things I never got from him.

This relationship with E is teaching me independence. Self-sufficiency. I don’t need to resent what I could never expect from him. He can’t limit me. Only what I believe can limit me can.

His presence in my life is to remind me that just because someone assumes a dominant role on my life doesn’t mean they control me. In the end, it’s me and what I believe and what I will do. I am powerful as I am because I have the power of choice.

You prevented me from making choices to teach me the paradoxical lesson that I can!

Thank you for that. Though it still hurts, I will keep this as a reminder.

Now for all of you, visualize the people who have caused a lot of pain in your life. What are they actually teaching you? What gift of empowerment is the struggle imparting to you?

If you would like, you can make the comment section safe space to discuss your visualization or you can message me at my angel life coach page.

I hope you have a great day!


If you feel ready to get deeper, you can get in touch with me here.

I love you and stand with you.

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro.


“Bad Decisions” Your Mindfulness Message Oct 30

You’ve made a decision that has altered your life for what seems to be permanently.

No matter how much pain it’s caused, it’s what you decide to do next: What will you create? What patterns will you perpetuate? What ties will you keep or cut?

Who do you become from here?

Maybe the purpose of “bad decisions”… is for your power of choice to become so evidently and undeniably clear.

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro
“#PsychicReadings meet #LifeCoaching to Conquer Life’s Mountains”


“Trust” Your Mindfulness Message Oct 20


Dear little me,

I’m sorry you felt all alone. I’m sorry you couldn’t ask the support you needed and nobody could give you the big, big hug your soul wanted for its pieces to be glued back together.

I wish you could see the wonder I see. I don’t see a victim. I see someone with so much love, light, and wisdom contained inside. You are oh, so worthy, and you will realize that one day. But first, you have to ask.

You have to sincerely ask. Your friends love you and want to support you, but you don’t give them a chance to let them support you because you keep pushing them away — that’s why you feel like you’re always alone. It’s because you isolate yourself when your real friends would never abandon you no matter how broken up inside you may feel.

They’re hurt too and misunderstanding how you’re treating them when they only want to shower you with love and celebrate who you are and your friendship. Because you’re so worthy of that. Remember the time you were so scared of hanging out with them but when you did, it was all love and laughter?

Please open up your beautiful heart, beautiful being.

You’re not the victim you think you are. Those bullies who crushed your spirit did not take away who you are. They tricked you into becoming small because they were truly feeling small and were intimidated by your light.

You didn’t deserve it. And it’s not a punishment from God. There are just some good and bad people in this world. But the bad people don’t have to win, and they haven’t, because you’re not a bad person. You’re rough around the edges, you believe, but you never wanted to hurt anyone. You are only trying to protect yourself the way you knew how, even if you were not seeing the big picture, either. But who could blame you? You were only doing your best and I appreciate you for that.

You know that this victim mentality isn’t serving you anymore. It’s making you anxious, preventing you from the love and support you need, preventing you from living life and enjoying your childhood.

I am supporting you, but how could I reach you when you don’t trust me? How could I show you how wonderful existence is and the beauty and abundance that surrounds you if you would not SEE with your beautiful eyes and your beautiful heart?

Please, let go. Holding on is cutting your hands. Let go and surrender to your breath, the air that fills the room and expands acres and acres from where you are. There’s so much here for you. So much you can witness, experience, live, love, and celebrate. There are setbacks, but they are only there for you to enrich your experience, to help you realize your strength, your passions, your worth, your capabilities, your breakthroughs etc.

Let go, surrender, open up, and trust in how I’m leading you. It may seem as though I am not helping, but have you considered that it’s because you’ve had the power and choice all along, and that I am always here? Hearing you, seeing you, even though you cannot hear and see me?

No matter what you are going through, I am always present but behind the scenes, sending the best people, resources, and opportunities to you. It doesn’t matter if you miss out on them, I am unlimited. I will keep showering you with love until you get it, you get that you are love and thus allow yourself to be enriched by every single moment no matter how difficult.

And that’s what it’s all about.


~Action Steps~


Angel Life Coach Therese Castro
“#PsychicReadings meet #LifeCoaching to Conquer Life’s Mountains”

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“You must be WILLing” Your Mindfulness Message Oct 19


I knew my relationship with money had to change. Every time I needed something, I had to go through my parents. I remember as a child and being hands and knees begging for this toy only to be met with “it’s too expensive” every time. I can visualize so clearly the pain in my dad’s face pulling out his wallet and hesitantly hand out a bill. He really didn’t want to spend money.

I learned not to want to, too. At first, it began as thrifty creativity such as cutting out the used pages of a notebook to use the rest of the notebook, but then… whenever I’m buying for needs. I can’t help but feel SHAME spending money. The shame is so huge, I pinch my pennies so tightly, I end up buying the smallest size of shampoo, the cheapest meal I could get. I recently discovered the magic of essential oils and found a good local brand that sold the oils I wanted. I avoided looking at the checkout price, breathing in and exhaling out as reassurance that this is a good investment. I’m investing on my health. It’s not like I’m buying drugs, right? I was able to checkout $$ of oils feeling quite content.

Then, I saw my receipt emailed to me, saw the $$ staring back at me. The $$ I will never get back. I felt shame and regret. I could have had $$ sitting pretty and unspent in my credit card. Why’d I have to spend on myself?

You may be looking at my story and shaking your head. Or, perhaps this uncannily sounds like yourself when spending money. It’s this feeling of dread, shame, and bargaining.

The reason I (and maybe, you, too) may be feeling this way is because of the programming in your childhood. If you grew up in a family with financial troubles, it can haunt you as you grow up. You feel like you WANT to experience the goodness and richness that life has to offer you! You WANT to go on that cruise, attend that concert, eat healthy food, and do some shopping, but spending so much money leaves you with this feeling of doom. It’s that bad and debilitating. You missed out on many life experiences that way. Plus, it’s not good for the heart. Feeling this intense anxiety of spending money is driving me CRAZY. It’s like you want to say, “Ooops! Nevermind! Take it back! I don’t really need it, I just want my money back now!”


Isn’t it that money is the currency of exchange? We gain some, we spend some.

The fear behind it is lack. Not getting what you wanted. Not having enough.

This is no longer my parent’s fault. I’m not a child anymore. I know that this anxiety and dread is now under my control.

I’m willing to change it. I don’t want to feel like money is not there for me. I want to feel blessed by money. I want to feel like spending money is not a shotgun to my chest. I want to feel liberated by both spending and earning money.

I know worrying about it, crying about it, getting angry about it is no longer productive. I already got my answer from my venting: I feel money is lacking.

Now that I know that, I can change it.

I’m coming back to my Money Reiki. I’m doing my 21-day financial healing book. I’ve been given insight from the Universe about how I can make my work as an Intuitive Coach profitable and inspiring. I’ve got everything.

You do too. Have you had enough yet? That’s how you get better. When you decide, I’M NOT HAPPY WITH THIS ANYMORE. I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE IT SO I’M CHANGING.

You go, you.

~Action Steps~
♥ What’s something that’s for a long time has made you feel restless? If you feel a general restlessness, just keep talking or writing. Just get whatever fuzzy thoughts and abstract things come out to the surface. That’s how you find treasure!
♥ Ok, this is going to trigger you but I’m going to say it: You can make choices to heal. Is your situation something that has to do with how you’re perceiving things? Is your situation something you can act on directly but don’t want to handle it directly? Whatever it is, you can make choices and that is your power. Whether it’s to do something about the thing, ask for help and counseling, get a reading from your’s truly ( 😉 ), detach and perceive things differently, you’ve got choices, babe. How’s life gonna change without you?
♥ Answer the prompt “If I wasn’t scared I will…” / “If I had no limits I will…” with as many as you can. Go big! So you’ve got more choices when the other fails.

I know I can make the choice to live my life better.
I ask for the willingness to tackle my problems with grace.
Even though this is uncomfortable, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Angel Life Coach Therese Castro
“#PsychicReadings meet #LifeCoaching to Conquer Life’s Mountains”

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“It seemed impossible and then, voila!” Your Mindfulness Message Oct 17

5 years ago, “inferiority complex” defined me. I couldn’t go out with friends. Couldn’t socialize. Couldn’t speak up. I couldn’t ask for support. It was my label and my prison. I held on to my pain. When I would get random bouts of courage and actually try to step out of that box, the scared part of me would rub that title over my face. You can’t ask for help, they’ll think you’re stupid! You can’t tell them that, they’ll never accept you. You can’t be a leader, you’ll just mess up. You can’t tell the guidance counselor that, she’ll think you’re mentally ill.Today, I’m an Intuitive Reader and Coach. I’ve been on radio. I’ve given more than 100 readings and coaching.Past me never in a million years would have fathomed I’d be giving readings, doing coaching, and talking about spirituality, healing, and wellness. Past me was SCARED of everything she didn’t understand. I remember I was so scared of the idea of ghosts, I wouldn’t sleep for days.

Now, I sleep in peace, knowing that I am watched over by loving angels, and that I can surrender my pains, my woes, and fears to Divine Source.

When my school expelled me those years ago, I knew my life had to change. I wanted to do better this time but this whole personal development and healing thing was so new. And it was difficult to keep away from my vices! I had to stop running away and sabotaging myself. Despite the fears, I had to pray for the grace and muster the strength to somehow make it. Make it where? The only thing I knew was that I had to be “better”.

In those years of ups and downs, set-backs and rebirths, boy did I get better.

I became me.

Inferiority complex, addict, anxiety, suicidal, and paranoid was not who I truly, wholly am.

Thanks to the self-help books, inspirational people, angels, and sheer personal willpower, I realized that who I am and what I am capable of is beyond imagination. ♥

It is thought impossible until it is done. Make who you are NOW your testimony.

~Action Steps~
♥ SELF HELP BOOKS. If you don’t like books, there are audio books and videos.
♥ Realize this: You can do better. Until you do, nothing will change. Think about how you can become comfortable with your body, love yourself, feel freed from grudges, feel liberated from other people’s negativity and the pain of your past, have money in your pocket and a career you love — don’t you want that? And you can have that, because of YOUR WILL. Life will be shit sometimes, but does that really have to stop you?
♥ Know this: You are always in control of something. While you can’t change the verdict of a job application or control people’s minds, you do however have the power of choice: What can you see differently? What can you do?
♥ Ask the Angels, God, and/or Guides for help. There are mysterious forces ready to help you. You don’t have to do it all alone. Invite help and assistance and be open to receiving the signs, messages, and gut feelings.

I can develop the willpower to see this through.
No matter what I’m experiencing, I am in the process of attaining my wildest dreams.
I am continuously getting better and better.
My highest good is in the Universe’s favor.

Angel Life Coach Therese Castro
“#PsychicReadings meet #LifeCoaching to Conquer Life’s Mountains”

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“Happiness is not a one way road” Your Mindfulness Message Oct 16

Happiness takes lots of choices, not just A choice. To get to Z, you have to go through A-Y and not strictly in that order. To “reach” happiness, you have to work through what is keeping you from happiness. These factors can be inner (e.g. body image issues) or outer (e.g. anxiety due to a stressful job), but one thing’s for certain: Nothing’s too big and too powerful to overcome or make peace with.Happiness may be challenging especially if we are experiencing a lot of issues, but it is never impossible. You just have to make the choices: The choice to find yummy, healthy alternatives for junk food. The choice to exercise. The choice to make time for mindfulness and self-care. The choice to detach from toxic relationships and make time for meaningful ones. The choice to study for the test. The choice to say ‘no’. The choice to say ‘yes’.You know the rest.~Action Steps~
♥ Honesty is key. Why are you unhappy? There are usually more than 1 thing and these are usually symptoms of the other. What’s the best outlet to talk about this to make these visible to you? Consider journaling, talking with a trustworthy friend, or your therapist. The important thing is to let it all out without fear of what you think people will think. It’s ok if you don’t see the connection of all that you’ve let out yet, just focus on letting these be heard and seen.
♥ If you’re writing, look back at what you’ve written and underline or encircle the keywords or key statements of your sources of unhappiness. If you’re making a recording of yourself talking, note how you are talking. Are you going back to one specific experience? Is there a part that’s difficult for you to be honest about? Where are your concerns leaning toward?
♥ After identifying what needs healing (or having it identified with your therapist), what are some choices you can make to heal your experience?
♥ Consider having an accountability buddy or coach who can be with you as you make your choices and support you when you feel like giving up.~Affirmation~
Happiness is possible for me.
Challenges aren’t here to deter me from happiness. They’re here because I can thrive regardless of them.
I can make better choices and decisions.

Angel Life Coach Therese Castro
“#PsychicReadings meet #LifeCoaching to Conquer Life’s Mountains”

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The most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve had

Do you feel that Kali energy? ROAR.


Pretty much the most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve ever had just happened. Here’s something most of you don’t know about when I do photo-readings: They HURT. I oftentimes submit my photo-reading to the client really needing to cleanse myself, shower, or meditate. They hurt because in order for me to talk about you without knowing you or meeting you (I don’t video chat or call any of my clients), I need to connect to your energy. I need to go into your skin and relay what I see, feel, and be.

The client was in a lot of pain and suffering. I was hesitant because it was already hurting me and I hadn’t tapped in yet. I prayed, gathered my bearings and dove into the photos.

I sat through the pain, feeling all of it, relaying all of it. Then something really amazing happened.

There was no more pain.

The message was to not let what happened become our destiny and sure enough, that’s what happened.

I sat with the pain, made peace with it and I felt empowered by it because the pain was no longer my prison. I had acceptance of what happened and CHOSE to create what would come next.

Video coming! Stay tuuunneeddd.

Love, Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

What’s a photo-reading? Check this out.