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The most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve had

Do you feel that Kali energy? ROAR.


Pretty much the most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve ever had just happened. Here’s something most of you don’t know about when I do photo-readings: They HURT. I oftentimes submit my photo-reading to the client really needing to cleanse myself, shower, or meditate. They hurt because in order for me to talk about you without knowing you or meeting you (I don’t video chat or call any of my clients), I need to connect to your energy. I need to go into your skin and relay what I see, feel, and be.

The client was in a lot of pain and suffering. I was hesitant because it was already hurting me and I hadn’t tapped in yet. I prayed, gathered my bearings and dove into the photos.

I sat through the pain, feeling all of it, relaying all of it. Then something really amazing happened.

There was no more pain.

The message was to not let what happened become our destiny and sure enough, that’s what happened.

I sat with the pain, made peace with it and I felt empowered by it because the pain was no longer my prison. I had acceptance of what happened and CHOSE to create what would come next.

Video coming! Stay tuuunneeddd.

Love, Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

What’s a photo-reading? Check this out.


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Real Talk about getting a reading


If you’re looking for psychic/intuitive help (from me, but this can apply to whoever intuitive practitioner who identifies with what I will write) there are some things you have to understand and be willing to do.

Actually, how the readings and coaching are ever going to work and have an impact on your life is through your WILLINGNESS.

Your life isn’t going to change on its own, hunnie. You’re the key ingredient to that. Without you, a reading is just words.

I’ve been reading for clients all around the world online for 2 years now. I’ve experienced readings with clients that flowed out beautifully, with little or no resistance, and then there are clients who ask for a reading and remain SO guarded, so fearful, it affects my ability to render clear service to them because as a guide, I extend my invitation for people to be honest and open with me in a safe, non-judgemental space, and sometimes this invitation is swatted away — or they refuse to sit in this safe space with me at all. They’d rather stay in their bubble. They’d rather stay in their idea of safety. How could I reach out to you at all like this?

I take a deep breath and let go of any reactions and judgments I have, reminding myself that I’m NOT doing this for me. This is all for you.

And I can’t do this for you if you won’t let me!

You see, when I do my intuitive work, 99% comes from how clear our connection with one another is. If I get inaccuracies, it’s been tried and tested again and again that these are because of RESISTANCE.

There are many reasons for this:

  • Depending on a certain outcome over what the universe has to say.
  • Not telling the situation as it is because of shame, guilt, resentment, and fear.
  • Too much attachment that everything that doesn’t live up to that is seen as a threat.
  • And so on.

Yes, I do have my own biases and perceptions, but I have learned to be careful about these by focusing on what you tell me and how that info feels in my gut.

When one or more of the above-listed conditions are true, I can’t help but feel it in my gut. I need to help you process those limiting conditions before I proceed. Although I can still proceed in spite of resistances, it’s like an airplane going through very heavy turbulence and with bad reception. It’s still flying, but landing might be rocky and possibly even at the wrong destination!

Your resistance affects me too. It affects how much I can see and hear. It feels like someone put a cloth over my eyes. I really struggle to get info sometimes, it happens to everyone. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing, of asking the right questions, or resistance. But you can make it worlds better for your intuitive guide (and yourself) if you are willing.

Willing to sit with me and be present. Even if what you feel is uncomfortable, these sessions aren’t uncomfortable at all. Check out the testimonials, or anyone who’s worked with Angels, really.

You’re here to be heard, to have the freedom to speak, to cry, and have someone (and spiritual guides) who are going through the darkness with you. You’re here to be empowered. I could just tell you this and that,  but my bottom line for every session I’ve ever done and in the future is…

Will this help you? 

Will this serve your highest purpose?

Will this empower you to make better choices?

Will this help you accept your unmistakable connection with the Universe?

Will this be your launching pad or bridge?

Please help the Angels and me by being willing. You should not be ashamed of your story. It doesn’t matter if you committed a crime, if you were abused, if you hate yourself, if you are poor.

Just be willing to be helped.

Your initiative changes everything. It enables me to help you. It enables the universe to help you through me and through the synchronicities lining up in your life.

If you don’t feel worthy of being helped and still ask for it anyway, I bow to your courage and your faith.

My message for you is: do it anyway. Even if you don’t know what to expect and how things can change, the willingness to be helped and the openness in how that will be carried it is the spell that will turn your life around.

If you feel ready, get in touch with me here.

I love you and stand with you.

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro.

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Seeing 444? All is Well! (Channeled by Therese Castro)

Copy of -Anxiety is not the fear of the thing. It's really a fear of the way we think about a thing.- - David Jacobi, Ph.D.

“444 embodies comfort, divine protection, assistance, and intervention. This number is sent to you because you’ve been stressing over something for some time now which may be making you feel fearful and alone. 444 is the universe’s means of saying “all is well”. The universe would like to remind you that the size of the problem, small or large, is irrelevant. There is no size except for what we choose to perceive.

The universe asks us to have faith. Though 444 is a very comforting number sequence, it also represents the strength of gentleness. You don’t need to shout, to cry, to run in every direction in distress, you have been heard and you have long been prepared. There’s no stopping you. Not even this.

444 asks you to stop, drop, and be at ease. Worrying will only make the situation even more unbearable for you. Help is always on its way, but you must help yourself too. Sometimes, the best thing asked of us is to receive the help coming our way. This doesn’t mean to be idle. It means to be imaginative. When you’re afraid, you lack imagination: you only see from the perspective of hurt and pain. Utilize your beautiful imagination to think of what can go right. Think of these with ease because this is natural. What is good will never harm you and others. A peaceful resolution of conflict.

You are lovingly supported and guided. Your endeavors will be successful because you are so loved by the universe. The universe asks you to trust, even in this situation. Blockages will be lifted, expect miraculous solutions. Things working out like magic.” -Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

Wasn’t that so comforting, but still don’t know what next step to take? Have an Angel reading with me!

Send some love.

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Whatever you ask for is a yes.

Whatever you ask for is a yes.

Will I be rich? Yes.

Will I have a house? Yes.

Will I be able to travel? Yes.

Will I meet my special someone? Yes.

Will I be able to pay off my debts? Yes.

Will I meet true friends who truly support and love me? Yes.

What makes the difference is in what actions you are doing now to get from x to y. I keep seeing “Will” questions as if implying that these things will happen to them (e.g. destiny) INSTEAD of them happening to what they want (e.g. you create destiny).

Sometimes the belief of destiny is so harmful this way. It’s implying that things happen by chance rather than you creating it.

Yes, situations and circumstances can be so negative and confining that we can’t help but think if we’d ever find peace or have what we want.

But you are powerful.

Nothing can take that power away from you. Not the rapist. Not the burglar. Not the government. Not your parents. Not society. Not the cheater.

You are powerful. I hope you realize that.

And just because you are powerful doesn’t mean you have to be all alone doing this. When you are asking a “Will” question, most of the time it’s a cry for support than asking for an answer.

I support you. I see you living without having to worry if tomorrow would be your last. I see you living with so much abundance in your life that you have enough to spare. I see you loved. I see you safe. I see you living that dream job. I see you taking selfies in your dream country.

I see you.

I hope this encourages you to stop asking “Will” and to use your will instead. The rest will follow. You are the lead.

Love, Intuitive Angelic Counselor Therese Castro

I’m ready for my next steps!