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What are difficult relationships here for? (Psychic Reading)


TRANSCRIPT: Hello everybody! This is Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

The message in this card is… What are your relationships teaching you? Reflect on the relationships that are most difficult for you right now. How are they helping you grow? I have a difficult relationship with E in my life right now. E has always been a commanding and authoritative presence in my life. I feel hindered by E, because E prevents me from saying what I really feel because he wouldn’t like it, and has been very critical of my choices. I feel burdened by having to go through to him because he is a dominant figure in my life. I am visualizing E now, like the two cats Moon and Mirror in this card. We are standing juxtaposed. I am taking some deep breaths to relax myself. I remind myself that this is just a visualization and he can’t hurt me from here.

Why do you have to have it your way all the time? Why couldn’t you support me as who I am? Why couldn’t I be valid around you?

I am realizing that it’s because of how this person grew up. He was treated this way and now he’s treating us this way. It’s the values instilled in him since birth.

That’s the surface level. But deeply, seeing him in front of me and remembering all the pain and isolation, I realize that I don’t need him to survive. I don’t need to survive on his validation. I don’t need him to approve of my choice to do spiritual work. I don’t need to continue his dream if I don’t want to. I don’t need to be in his shadow. I didn’t grow up just to be limited by someone and to hurt for all the things I never got from him.

This relationship with E is teaching me independence. Self-sufficiency. I don’t need to resent what I could never expect from him. He can’t limit me. Only what I believe can limit me can.

His presence in my life is to remind me that just because someone assumes a dominant role on my life doesn’t mean they control me. In the end, it’s me and what I believe and what I will do. I am powerful as I am because I have the power of choice.

You prevented me from making choices to teach me the paradoxical lesson that I can!

Thank you for that. Though it still hurts, I will keep this as a reminder.

Now for all of you, visualize the people who have caused a lot of pain in your life. What are they actually teaching you? What gift of empowerment is the struggle imparting to you?

If you would like, you can make the comment section safe space to discuss your visualization or you can message me at my angel life coach page.

I hope you have a great day!


If you feel ready to get deeper, you can get in touch with me here.

I love you and stand with you.

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro.

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Real Talk about getting a reading


If you’re looking for psychic/intuitive help (from me, but this can apply to whoever intuitive practitioner who identifies with what I will write) there are some things you have to understand and be willing to do.

Actually, how the readings and coaching are ever going to work and have an impact on your life is through your WILLINGNESS.

Your life isn’t going to change on its own, hunnie. You’re the key ingredient to that. Without you, a reading is just words.

I’ve been reading for clients all around the world online for 2 years now. I’ve experienced readings with clients that flowed out beautifully, with little or no resistance, and then there are clients who ask for a reading and remain SO guarded, so fearful, it affects my ability to render clear service to them because as a guide, I extend my invitation for people to be honest and open with me in a safe, non-judgemental space, and sometimes this invitation is swatted away — or they refuse to sit in this safe space with me at all. They’d rather stay in their bubble. They’d rather stay in their idea of safety. How could I reach out to you at all like this?

I take a deep breath and let go of any reactions and judgments I have, reminding myself that I’m NOT doing this for me. This is all for you.

And I can’t do this for you if you won’t let me!

You see, when I do my intuitive work, 99% comes from how clear our connection with one another is. If I get inaccuracies, it’s been tried and tested again and again that these are because of RESISTANCE.

There are many reasons for this:

  • Depending on a certain outcome over what the universe has to say.
  • Not telling the situation as it is because of shame, guilt, resentment, and fear.
  • Too much attachment that everything that doesn’t live up to that is seen as a threat.
  • And so on.

Yes, I do have my own biases and perceptions, but I have learned to be careful about these by focusing on what you tell me and how that info feels in my gut.

When one or more of the above-listed conditions are true, I can’t help but feel it in my gut. I need to help you process those limiting conditions before I proceed. Although I can still proceed in spite of resistances, it’s like an airplane going through very heavy turbulence and with bad reception. It’s still flying, but landing might be rocky and possibly even at the wrong destination!

Your resistance affects me too. It affects how much I can see and hear. It feels like someone put a cloth over my eyes. I really struggle to get info sometimes, it happens to everyone. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing, of asking the right questions, or resistance. But you can make it worlds better for your intuitive guide (and yourself) if you are willing.

Willing to sit with me and be present. Even if what you feel is uncomfortable, these sessions aren’t uncomfortable at all. Check out the testimonials, or anyone who’s worked with Angels, really.

You’re here to be heard, to have the freedom to speak, to cry, and have someone (and spiritual guides) who are going through the darkness with you. You’re here to be empowered. I could just tell you this and that,  but my bottom line for every session I’ve ever done and in the future is…

Will this help you? 

Will this serve your highest purpose?

Will this empower you to make better choices?

Will this help you accept your unmistakable connection with the Universe?

Will this be your launching pad or bridge?

Please help the Angels and me by being willing. You should not be ashamed of your story. It doesn’t matter if you committed a crime, if you were abused, if you hate yourself, if you are poor.

Just be willing to be helped.

Your initiative changes everything. It enables me to help you. It enables the universe to help you through me and through the synchronicities lining up in your life.

If you don’t feel worthy of being helped and still ask for it anyway, I bow to your courage and your faith.

My message for you is: do it anyway. Even if you don’t know what to expect and how things can change, the willingness to be helped and the openness in how that will be carried it is the spell that will turn your life around.

If you feel ready, get in touch with me here.

I love you and stand with you.

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro.

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Seeing 444? All is Well! (Channeled by Therese Castro)

Copy of -Anxiety is not the fear of the thing. It's really a fear of the way we think about a thing.- - David Jacobi, Ph.D.

“444 embodies comfort, divine protection, assistance, and intervention. This number is sent to you because you’ve been stressing over something for some time now which may be making you feel fearful and alone. 444 is the universe’s means of saying “all is well”. The universe would like to remind you that the size of the problem, small or large, is irrelevant. There is no size except for what we choose to perceive.

The universe asks us to have faith. Though 444 is a very comforting number sequence, it also represents the strength of gentleness. You don’t need to shout, to cry, to run in every direction in distress, you have been heard and you have long been prepared. There’s no stopping you. Not even this.

444 asks you to stop, drop, and be at ease. Worrying will only make the situation even more unbearable for you. Help is always on its way, but you must help yourself too. Sometimes, the best thing asked of us is to receive the help coming our way. This doesn’t mean to be idle. It means to be imaginative. When you’re afraid, you lack imagination: you only see from the perspective of hurt and pain. Utilize your beautiful imagination to think of what can go right. Think of these with ease because this is natural. What is good will never harm you and others. A peaceful resolution of conflict.

You are lovingly supported and guided. Your endeavors will be successful because you are so loved by the universe. The universe asks you to trust, even in this situation. Blockages will be lifted, expect miraculous solutions. Things working out like magic.” -Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

Wasn’t that so comforting, but still don’t know what next step to take? Have an Angel reading with me!

Send some love.

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Spiritual Health Flush (Free Download)

I’m hit by something indescribable.

I was fine. Nothing happened, but I feel like something’s wrong? Could this be you?

This was my client the other day. I gazed into her photo, there was something affecting her. Something external. It wasn’t hormonal imbalance, and she had already had her doctor’s visit.

That’s when us Spiritual Healers step in. I saw that there were environmental energies around her. Clogging her up. It’s natural. Just like you would get sick when you’re in a room full of coughing people, it’s the same when you’ve been exposed to stuffy energy. Stuffy energy can come from people’s negative intentions, negative thoughts–or these don’t even have to be negative, just not yours but you pick it up.

When we don’t take time for self-care, we get increasingly clogged up until there’s a dire need for a wellness flush. Eating right, going for that jog, crying, dancing, netflix and a hot cuppa–things that help us slow down time, show us the love and care we need to continue on.

I channeled this song specifically for those feeling bogged down, having unexplained symptoms that are bothersome. You know you’ve picked up on some funky vibes when you feel:

  • Drained
  • Dirty
  • Watched/Insecure
  • Heavy as if there’s something weighing you down
  • Restless/Inomnia
  • Irritable, easily thrown off
  • A dramatic shift in behavior, oftentimes negative (like thinking malicious intent)

This song is channeled straight from the Angelic realm, and sung with the intentions to cut through whatever isn’t yours, bring you in a state of zen and peace so that this vibration would override the lower one.

You can listen and download it for free here:

What came up for you? Did you get tingles? I’m curious to know the effects these have on you! You can listen to this as much as you’d like. If you want your own, these are included in my In-depth Intuitive Readings.


Therese, Angel Life Coach

*Disclaimer: This is not a substitute to a proper visit to the Doctor’s. This is meant to complement your diagnosis and health/wellness regime.*


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The Perfect Client: My Manifestation Declaration

In the middle of a forest, I’m kneeling on the cool, smooth rock. It’s sunny. I can hear all sorts of summer bug hymns. But that is not what I pay attention to. I feel the cold on my knees, the warmth on my arms. My face. My hair pricking my back gently. My eyes are closed, but I can see everything. I can see how the river glitters. How the movements cause dream-like distortions sparkling in the light. I can see even with my eyes closed and sit in this silence for some more. When a green dragonfly landed on my left shoulder, it beckoned me to look. So, I bent over my elbows and opened my eyes.
I saw my perfect client staring back at me. Her eyes were gentle and soft. Somber, but there was a depth to her. This was someone strong of spirit and yet fragile. Someone who needed someone to talk to, to relay her life to and to be comforted knowing someone unconditional was listening. I listened to her. I saw her mind through the words she spoke. She went in circles and needed someone to step in and stop, illuminate things she hadn’t seen before and confirm the things she does know.
She’s powerful. She may be a work in progress, a diamond in the rough, but she radiates wisdom. She just underestimates herself and there are factors in her life keeping her from seeing that, but still I say she is wise and powerful because she is kind. Compassionate. She is so strong in virtue despite all that she’s been through.
I see her potential. Our talks are complementary. There is a feeling of ease. Joy. Trust. Love. The connection is instantaneous and there is a lightness between us, even in the dark and heavy parts of our interaction. There is this atmosphere of mutual understanding  There’s no trying or forcing because it flows. It doesn’t take much for her to understand because she inner-stands. She also applies what she learns from the readings and it’s this trust and humbleness that makes my coaching extra effective for her.
Regardless of economic situation, she gives much because she doesn’t think of lack or missing. She knows she is getting what she deserves. She gives from the heart, even bestowing blessings with the money she provides.
This person really is not very troubled and by troubled I mean resistant, hesitant, and manipulative. This person has troubles, does need reassurance, guidance, and support but she is so undeniably guided. She knows this, maybe not consciously, but in a core level. There is faith, hope, trust, and surrender in her. She may have difficulty sometimes but there is this innate grace that emerges at the worst.
She is appreciative, she listens carefully and takes the advice seriously, is respectful, and isn’t hesitant to share her opinion or her mind. Sessions with this client are always transformational for us both because it opens our hearts, healing, releasing, and full of mutual understanding. It’s like two good friends talking to one another. We both feel safe. In the end, we are grateful.
Therese (Angel Life Coach)
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I’m a channel (with channeled song inside!)

I’m a channel.
I use my empathy to connect to the world around me, with people, nature, energies. In that light, everyday is intense–but I’ve become at peace with it. Because I accept myself.
When I accepted myself, I boycott everything no longer aligned with me.
All this time, before that point, I thought I was wrong. I thought I was way too sensitive and didn’t have any spine. But that misconception nearly took my life.
I am strong and yet I am gentle. I am vulnerable and yet I can assert myself.
I thought I’d share this with you. It’s been a while since I’ve written something a bit longer.
How I do this is I surrender. I feel my heart center. I smile. I forgive any wrongful thoughts, let go of distractions, and just come into the place within myself that is pure peace. From there, I ask the Angels for guidance and love. I know it is them because I feel compassion. I feel warmth and tenderness. I do not feel alone.
This is the kind of love my work is born from.
I hope this brings you peace today!

Love, Therese (Angel Life Coach)

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Whatever you ask for is a yes.

Whatever you ask for is a yes.

Will I be rich? Yes.

Will I have a house? Yes.

Will I be able to travel? Yes.

Will I meet my special someone? Yes.

Will I be able to pay off my debts? Yes.

Will I meet true friends who truly support and love me? Yes.

What makes the difference is in what actions you are doing now to get from x to y. I keep seeing “Will” questions as if implying that these things will happen to them (e.g. destiny) INSTEAD of them happening to what they want (e.g. you create destiny).

Sometimes the belief of destiny is so harmful this way. It’s implying that things happen by chance rather than you creating it.

Yes, situations and circumstances can be so negative and confining that we can’t help but think if we’d ever find peace or have what we want.

But you are powerful.

Nothing can take that power away from you. Not the rapist. Not the burglar. Not the government. Not your parents. Not society. Not the cheater.

You are powerful. I hope you realize that.

And just because you are powerful doesn’t mean you have to be all alone doing this. When you are asking a “Will” question, most of the time it’s a cry for support than asking for an answer.

I support you. I see you living without having to worry if tomorrow would be your last. I see you living with so much abundance in your life that you have enough to spare. I see you loved. I see you safe. I see you living that dream job. I see you taking selfies in your dream country.

I see you.

I hope this encourages you to stop asking “Will” and to use your will instead. The rest will follow. You are the lead.

Love, Intuitive Angelic Counselor Therese Castro

I’m ready for my next steps!

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“Please ask the Angels to guide me.”

“Please ask the Angels to guide me.”

The thing is, there’s never a time they aren’t guiding you whether you asked for it or not. Wherever you are, whether you’re at your lowest and at your highest, you are where you’re supposed to be. The perfect trajectory to be launched into something greater.

How do we know something greater is coming next? How can we believe that something greater is coming next?

Because you’re in the position to decide. You are the one who’s going to prop his/her feet on the ground and launch.

Because there won’t be a future without your participation. So, participate. Even if you don’t know what to do or how, start now.

When something doesn’t go according to plan, we get discouraged. That’s another form of pride because that implies that there’s only one way! When are are several ways, more than the stars in the sky.

If something isn’t working, do something else. It’s that simple sometimes. And if that doesn’t work, revise revise revise.

Sometimes it isn’t life that is disappointing us. We are disappointing us. Ouch.

By holding on to limited ways, limited thinking. How could you expect something better that way?

Rise up. Meet yourself at your own expectations. The Universe is always proud of you, supporting you.

But how about you to you?

Love, Therese of Angel Inspirations.

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I am allowed to feel my feelings

“I don’t need to apologize for my feelings.

My feelings are real.

I am allowed to feel my feelings.”

Jan 6, 2016

I am allowed to feel. My feelings, both that feel good and feel bad, are equally valid and real. It is ok to feel. Through feeling, I can heal.

I had a very deep meditation last night. A on one chat with myself, Source and the Angels. It was sooo needed and divinely guided. I was feeling doubt regarding the Divine plan of my soul and doubt regarding my capabilities. I went to ask 2 psychics to help me. One said she was ‘blocked’, the other one said ‘I had the answers’. These answers distressed me. I didn’t want to face myself. Didn’t want to really know how much I was collapsing on the inside. These rejections from fellow psychics was a message from Spirit. I had to pay attention.

I surrendered, sat down cross-legged on my bed. With God, the Angels, and myself as the witnesses, I confessed, “I know how I keep telling myself to be positive. To keep visualizing the best outcome. To believe it. But I honestly don’t believe it right now. I’m so frightened. I feel helpless. I feel I really messed up…”

You know how in new age spirituality it’s taught that, “You have to be positive! Stay optimistic!” but you cannot be happy and optimistic if you simply… don’t.

‘BEing’ happy is being confused for numbness. This is not what truly being happy and optimistic is about.

You need to feel. Even the ‘bad’, ‘uncomfortable’ feelings.

There is actually no such thing as a positive and negative feeling. They’re all feelings. They’re all messengers. They all have something necessary to say.

They all want you to grow. To realize what’s going on, and what you can be.

To be happy, you need to feel sad (if that’s how you genuinely feel). To be happy, to be spiritually free, you need to allow yourself to confront all your emotions. They’re not as scary as we think. They’re all needing love and understanding the same way you do.

Maybe you felt like how I was during that meditation. The crushing weight of responsibility and being battered by the chances I never took, the same mistakes/situations happening in a seemingly endless loop. Feeling so small and fragile while life, so big, daunting, and out of control.

It was through simultaneously feeling and observing that I realized that I’m always given choices. All of the problems I think I have come from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). This is why the same mistakes/situations keep happening.

It’s because I never truly allowed myself to live. Instead of focusing on the moment, making spontaneous decisions and healthy risks, I kept trying to play it safe that I ended up not getting anywhere. I took myself and life so seriously that no movement could happen. It’s all frozen in time. I was that powerful. I was that important.

If I decided to just be free… To live happily, passionately, to take risks and choices and allow myself to scrape a knee or have my heart a little broke, I would be living life instead of letting life happen to me.

And that’s how you take control of life.
You don’t.

Because you are life. You are not separate from life. Life doesn’t happen to you, you are happening to life by choosing to act. Choosing potential. Focusing on what can be by making it real this moment.

Realizing all this made my heart glow. I promised myself not to take anything personally. Not to take myself so seriously. In the end of our lives, we all end up the same way.

Through this, I was at awe with my capacity to feel. I embraced my emotions and all that I am. I love life and life loves me!

With love, Therese Castro (Angel Inspirations)

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