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The most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve had

Do you feel that Kali energy? ROAR.


Pretty much the most amazing photo-reading experience I’ve ever had just happened. Here’s something most of you don’t know about when I do photo-readings: They HURT. I oftentimes submit my photo-reading to the client really needing to cleanse myself, shower, or meditate. They hurt because in order for me to talk about you without knowing you or meeting you (I don’t video chat or call any of my clients), I need to connect to your energy. I need to go into your skin and relay what I see, feel, and be.

The client was in a lot of pain and suffering. I was hesitant because it was already hurting me and I hadn’t tapped in yet. I prayed, gathered my bearings and dove into the photos.

I sat through the pain, feeling all of it, relaying all of it. Then something really amazing happened.

There was no more pain.

The message was to not let what happened become our destiny and sure enough, that’s what happened.

I sat with the pain, made peace with it and I felt empowered by it because the pain was no longer my prison. I had acceptance of what happened and CHOSE to create what would come next.

Video coming! Stay tuuunneeddd.

Love, Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

What’s a photo-reading? Check this out.



Daily Lenormand 5/26/17

It’s been roughly 5 months since the last time I’ve done a daily spread for myself. How has my relationship with Lenormand evolved? 5 months ago, I started out knowing nothing. It was a new system to learn and Oracle and Tarot was more natural to me. But I was itching for something practical and spoke about physical life and living. Oracle was very spiritual and emotional, Tarot was getting there to what I needed but not specific enough. Lenormand was exactly what I was looking for.

I feel like there’s much for me to learn still, though I have considerably improved. I understand the base meanings and have had accurate predictions!

This is mine for today.

Anchor Whip Tower

Prediction: Looks like today will be routine as usual. I’ll be working today and on my own.

Outcome: Whip means conflict, too, and this time — It applies.

Source of conflict? Me (Tower).

It’s my anxiety attack.

Notes for improvement: Blend those cards!

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Real Talk about getting a reading


If you’re looking for psychic/intuitive help (from me, but this can apply to whoever intuitive practitioner who identifies with what I will write) there are some things you have to understand and be willing to do.

Actually, how the readings and coaching are ever going to work and have an impact on your life is through your WILLINGNESS.

Your life isn’t going to change on its own, hunnie. You’re the key ingredient to that. Without you, a reading is just words.

I’ve been reading for clients all around the world online for 2 years now. I’ve experienced readings with clients that flowed out beautifully, with little or no resistance, and then there are clients who ask for a reading and remain SO guarded, so fearful, it affects my ability to render clear service to them because as a guide, I extend my invitation for people to be honest and open with me in a safe, non-judgemental space, and sometimes this invitation is swatted away — or they refuse to sit in this safe space with me at all. They’d rather stay in their bubble. They’d rather stay in their idea of safety. How could I reach out to you at all like this?

I take a deep breath and let go of any reactions and judgments I have, reminding myself that I’m NOT doing this for me. This is all for you.

And I can’t do this for you if you won’t let me!

You see, when I do my intuitive work, 99% comes from how clear our connection with one another is. If I get inaccuracies, it’s been tried and tested again and again that these are because of RESISTANCE.

There are many reasons for this:

  • Depending on a certain outcome over what the universe has to say.
  • Not telling the situation as it is because of shame, guilt, resentment, and fear.
  • Too much attachment that everything that doesn’t live up to that is seen as a threat.
  • And so on.

Yes, I do have my own biases and perceptions, but I have learned to be careful about these by focusing on what you tell me and how that info feels in my gut.

When one or more of the above-listed conditions are true, I can’t help but feel it in my gut. I need to help you process those limiting conditions before I proceed. Although I can still proceed in spite of resistances, it’s like an airplane going through very heavy turbulence and with bad reception. It’s still flying, but landing might be rocky and possibly even at the wrong destination!

Your resistance affects me too. It affects how much I can see and hear. It feels like someone put a cloth over my eyes. I really struggle to get info sometimes, it happens to everyone. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing, of asking the right questions, or resistance. But you can make it worlds better for your intuitive guide (and yourself) if you are willing.

Willing to sit with me and be present. Even if what you feel is uncomfortable, these sessions aren’t uncomfortable at all. Check out the testimonials, or anyone who’s worked with Angels, really.

You’re here to be heard, to have the freedom to speak, to cry, and have someone (and spiritual guides) who are going through the darkness with you. You’re here to be empowered. I could just tell you this and that,  but my bottom line for every session I’ve ever done and in the future is…

Will this help you? 

Will this serve your highest purpose?

Will this empower you to make better choices?

Will this help you accept your unmistakable connection with the Universe?

Will this be your launching pad or bridge?

Please help the Angels and me by being willing. You should not be ashamed of your story. It doesn’t matter if you committed a crime, if you were abused, if you hate yourself, if you are poor.

Just be willing to be helped.

Your initiative changes everything. It enables me to help you. It enables the universe to help you through me and through the synchronicities lining up in your life.

If you don’t feel worthy of being helped and still ask for it anyway, I bow to your courage and your faith.

My message for you is: do it anyway. Even if you don’t know what to expect and how things can change, the willingness to be helped and the openness in how that will be carried it is the spell that will turn your life around.

If you feel ready, get in touch with me here.

I love you and stand with you.

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro.


I am loved, I am my beloved (Love from Rumi) 

I felt photogenic at the car ride today and took some selfies. I noticed something in my eyes. There’s a sadness. A something. Something that I didn’t process. I know I’ve been in a rush of things and I don’t really sit down to find out until last minute. Some minutes ago I was reading the Rumi Oracle guidebook. I saw Rumi’s photo, tuned in and saw him smile and wink at me. He knows. I couldn’t help but laugh. It eased me a bit so I asked him for advice.

This is what he gave me.

The All-Encompassing Hand:

“You are the essence of my existence;
Who am I? A mirror in your hand!
Whatever you do, I will do.
I am your irresistible reflection.

With every breath, I feel
my heart is beating with yours.
In your joy, I am exuberant!
In your sadness, I am in sorrow.
If you are bitter, I become bitter.
If you are grace, I become grace.
My joy is when I am bewildered in your beauty
and taste the sweetness of love on your lips.

If I pick a rose without you,
it becomes a thorn in my hand.
If I am the thorn,
I become the rose in your hand.


“I have held your hand in mine for so long that I have long since ceased to distinguish where your sacred flesh once felt separate from mine. This sacred grasp pulses with love divine, and there is one hand, holding and held, one being, loving and loved, though we may appear by less ecstatic angels to be two. The love that gives us this handfast, beloved, is so powerful we could spin the entire universe upon its axis, and still our hands would be joined, gently and yet enduringly, in unfailing love and sublime friendship.”

“Perhaps you are in need of reassurance, dearest one. Perhaps you have been feeling somewhat alone on your path, or struggling with a matter deep within your precious, beautiful heart and speaking of it to no one. Such loneliness that can foster in the heart! With no other to bear witness to your life experience, you may question your life, your sanity, your truths, and create doubt where no doubt need be. This must stop now. You are worthy of so much more, and this suffering is not essential for your growth now. It is time to let it be and to open up to the touch of grace.

So this oracle comes to you as the hand of the Divine. It is the all-encompassing hand, the hand that has no limitation upon the blessings it can bestow, upon the troubles it can lift from you, upon the tenderness it can communicate to you through sacred touch. Allow that divine hand to reach for you, beloved. Do not turn it away. Do not let old shame, guilt or mistaken notions of false independence keep you from accepting this heavenly hand! This hand reaches to gently wipe away tears of the past. It will deftly unravel the ties that have bound your own hands, preventing you from fully giving and receiving according to your worth which is incontestable and without limit.

This divine hand will reach for you in your meditations, your sleep and your prayers. It will reach for you through life circumstances, through the smile or hug you receive from another, or the touch of another human being. It will reach you through the song of a bird, the falling of leaves, the soft fur of a beloved pet, through song lyrics that seem to speak what you are feeling deep inside, or the colourful dress of the stranger across the street who catches your eye and makes you smile. This divine hand is reaching for you now through this oracle.

‘Yes,’ says the Great Beloved, ‘I am reaching for you. Yes, I know you – you are my own! I would never abandon you! Perhaps you have turned from me unknowingly, forgotten how much I love you because the world is in a forgetful daze too, and ignores the caress of the breeze, the joyful acknowledgment of every sunrise and the reverence made radiant in every sunset. Life is the touch bestowed by my hand. Shall you receive me? Let me love you! Let me restore your soul and remind you there is nothing to fear now. Come; lay down your weapons and your fear for this moment. Quit using that mouth to cry for war or to cry in despair. Bring yourself to my table and use that mouth to taste some bold and rich wine instead. Enjoy with me, in this moment, the unbreakable bond that lies between us. Allow me to bring the cup of wine to your lips. Behind your head, so gently, lies my all-encompassing hand. Know the peace of my love; so deeply can it register with you now, that you shall never again forget it.’

This oracle comes with a particular message for you. There may be a situation or circumstance in your life that you may feel is somehow unable to be solved. This oracle comes with reassurance that there is nothing beyond the reach of the divine hand of grace. All can be solved, all can be resolved; there is always a higher, better, more beautiful outcome possible.

You are asked to pray using the sacred honouring ritual, and to do so with conviction. The Divine has this situation ‘in hand’ and all is unfolding as it should be. Ask for help each day by saying: ‘I ask for help this day, in all ways, through unconditional love. Thank you.’

You can be more specific in your request, asking for help in a particular relationship, or project too if you wish. The Divine wants to ‘lend you a hand.’ You must ask for help first however – so ask. Empower that all-powerful hand of grace to bless your life and all circumstances, relationships and situations that have been or are yet to be for you.”

Sacred Honouring Ritual: “Place one hand resting upon the other with palms joined together.

Say aloud: ‘Through the loving grace of RUMI, brother of my soul who loves me without condition, these hands are now blessed as the hands of the lover and the beloved, as the one divine hand, all-encompassing. I am blessed, protected, nurtured and received. I am touched by the Divine with compassionate mercy and loving tenderness. I call on the hand of grace to touch, heal, bless and protect all aspects of myself and my life journey. Through divine grace, so be it.’

Simply rest with your hands in the same posture for several moments, then finish your ritual.

If you wish, you may continue by speaking in prayer to the Divine and offer up any issue or concern you have. Give it a voice; it doesn’t matter how small or major the issue may seem. Talk it over with the Great Beloved, a wonderful and responsive listener!

When you are finished, place your hands in prayer, bow your head, and simply say thank you. You have completed your sacred honouring ritual.” – Alana Fairchild

The painting feels so peaceful. I can imagine and feel drifting in a golden black void held by my mother. Not a biological mother but my *Higher Self. She has so much love for me, so much care and acceptance. I’m asleep. There’s so much I don’t see. I don’t see 99% of my beauty. She does. She strokes my hair, holds my hand. She has no expectations. Only loving. I must remember that I’m loved like this. I’m cared for. I must take time to feel my beloved’s love because I’m deceiving myself into thinking that I’m all alone. She asks me to breathe. To take this moment to think of nothing, just to feel her breathing next to me. Her heartbeat. I am so cared for. I am so loved.

Angel Life Coach, Therese Castro

How I look afterwards:

I feel very comforted. 💖

*Our Self that is in complete union with God meaning without the limitations of a physical body and 3D perception.

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Seeing 444? All is Well! (Channeled by Therese Castro)

Copy of -Anxiety is not the fear of the thing. It's really a fear of the way we think about a thing.- - David Jacobi, Ph.D.

“444 embodies comfort, divine protection, assistance, and intervention. This number is sent to you because you’ve been stressing over something for some time now which may be making you feel fearful and alone. 444 is the universe’s means of saying “all is well”. The universe would like to remind you that the size of the problem, small or large, is irrelevant. There is no size except for what we choose to perceive.

The universe asks us to have faith. Though 444 is a very comforting number sequence, it also represents the strength of gentleness. You don’t need to shout, to cry, to run in every direction in distress, you have been heard and you have long been prepared. There’s no stopping you. Not even this.

444 asks you to stop, drop, and be at ease. Worrying will only make the situation even more unbearable for you. Help is always on its way, but you must help yourself too. Sometimes, the best thing asked of us is to receive the help coming our way. This doesn’t mean to be idle. It means to be imaginative. When you’re afraid, you lack imagination: you only see from the perspective of hurt and pain. Utilize your beautiful imagination to think of what can go right. Think of these with ease because this is natural. What is good will never harm you and others. A peaceful resolution of conflict.

You are lovingly supported and guided. Your endeavors will be successful because you are so loved by the universe. The universe asks you to trust, even in this situation. Blockages will be lifted, expect miraculous solutions. Things working out like magic.” -Therese Castro, Angel Life Coach.

Wasn’t that so comforting, but still don’t know what next step to take? Have an Angel reading with me!

Send some love.

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I’m getting published 

I’m getting published. 

So many feelings. My journey from victimhood to healing is going to see the light in book form. 

I’ve always wanted to pen my story down for the longest time. But I’m a sensual person and I can’t do things if the moment doesn’t “feel” right. So, I saw this talented writer looking for contributors specifically those who overcame anxiety and depression. Mine is a story of looking for love. 

My self esteem issues, my anxiety, my insecurity… I was just looking for love. And when I accepted love for myself for the genuine first time, I started experiencing fulfilling relationships and fulfillment in every way, in every form I could possibly dream. 

My life is far from perfect but it’s perfect for me. 💖

Please look out for the book Remember Me: I am a Survivor. 

P.S. I asked her to send me a physical copy of the book after its written. 


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Spiritual Health Flush (Free Download)

I’m hit by something indescribable.

I was fine. Nothing happened, but I feel like something’s wrong? Could this be you?

This was my client the other day. I gazed into her photo, there was something affecting her. Something external. It wasn’t hormonal imbalance, and she had already had her doctor’s visit.

That’s when us Spiritual Healers step in. I saw that there were environmental energies around her. Clogging her up. It’s natural. Just like you would get sick when you’re in a room full of coughing people, it’s the same when you’ve been exposed to stuffy energy. Stuffy energy can come from people’s negative intentions, negative thoughts–or these don’t even have to be negative, just not yours but you pick it up.

When we don’t take time for self-care, we get increasingly clogged up until there’s a dire need for a wellness flush. Eating right, going for that jog, crying, dancing, netflix and a hot cuppa–things that help us slow down time, show us the love and care we need to continue on.

I channeled this song specifically for those feeling bogged down, having unexplained symptoms that are bothersome. You know you’ve picked up on some funky vibes when you feel:

  • Drained
  • Dirty
  • Watched/Insecure
  • Heavy as if there’s something weighing you down
  • Restless/Inomnia
  • Irritable, easily thrown off
  • A dramatic shift in behavior, oftentimes negative (like thinking malicious intent)

This song is channeled straight from the Angelic realm, and sung with the intentions to cut through whatever isn’t yours, bring you in a state of zen and peace so that this vibration would override the lower one.

You can listen and download it for free here:

What came up for you? Did you get tingles? I’m curious to know the effects these have on you! You can listen to this as much as you’d like. If you want your own, these are included in my In-depth Intuitive Readings.


Therese, Angel Life Coach

*Disclaimer: This is not a substitute to a proper visit to the Doctor’s. This is meant to complement your diagnosis and health/wellness regime.*


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The Perfect Client: My Manifestation Declaration

In the middle of a forest, I’m kneeling on the cool, smooth rock. It’s sunny. I can hear all sorts of summer bug hymns. But that is not what I pay attention to. I feel the cold on my knees, the warmth on my arms. My face. My hair pricking my back gently. My eyes are closed, but I can see everything. I can see how the river glitters. How the movements cause dream-like distortions sparkling in the light. I can see even with my eyes closed and sit in this silence for some more. When a green dragonfly landed on my left shoulder, it beckoned me to look. So, I bent over my elbows and opened my eyes.
I saw my perfect client staring back at me. Her eyes were gentle and soft. Somber, but there was a depth to her. This was someone strong of spirit and yet fragile. Someone who needed someone to talk to, to relay her life to and to be comforted knowing someone unconditional was listening. I listened to her. I saw her mind through the words she spoke. She went in circles and needed someone to step in and stop, illuminate things she hadn’t seen before and confirm the things she does know.
She’s powerful. She may be a work in progress, a diamond in the rough, but she radiates wisdom. She just underestimates herself and there are factors in her life keeping her from seeing that, but still I say she is wise and powerful because she is kind. Compassionate. She is so strong in virtue despite all that she’s been through.
I see her potential. Our talks are complementary. There is a feeling of ease. Joy. Trust. Love. The connection is instantaneous and there is a lightness between us, even in the dark and heavy parts of our interaction. There is this atmosphere of mutual understanding  There’s no trying or forcing because it flows. It doesn’t take much for her to understand because she inner-stands. She also applies what she learns from the readings and it’s this trust and humbleness that makes my coaching extra effective for her.
Regardless of economic situation, she gives much because she doesn’t think of lack or missing. She knows she is getting what she deserves. She gives from the heart, even bestowing blessings with the money she provides.
This person really is not very troubled and by troubled I mean resistant, hesitant, and manipulative. This person has troubles, does need reassurance, guidance, and support but she is so undeniably guided. She knows this, maybe not consciously, but in a core level. There is faith, hope, trust, and surrender in her. She may have difficulty sometimes but there is this innate grace that emerges at the worst.
She is appreciative, she listens carefully and takes the advice seriously, is respectful, and isn’t hesitant to share her opinion or her mind. Sessions with this client are always transformational for us both because it opens our hearts, healing, releasing, and full of mutual understanding. It’s like two good friends talking to one another. We both feel safe. In the end, we are grateful.
Therese (Angel Life Coach)
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I’m a channel (with channeled song inside!)

I’m a channel.
I use my empathy to connect to the world around me, with people, nature, energies. In that light, everyday is intense–but I’ve become at peace with it. Because I accept myself.
When I accepted myself, I boycott everything no longer aligned with me.
All this time, before that point, I thought I was wrong. I thought I was way too sensitive and didn’t have any spine. But that misconception nearly took my life.
I am strong and yet I am gentle. I am vulnerable and yet I can assert myself.
I thought I’d share this with you. It’s been a while since I’ve written something a bit longer.
How I do this is I surrender. I feel my heart center. I smile. I forgive any wrongful thoughts, let go of distractions, and just come into the place within myself that is pure peace. From there, I ask the Angels for guidance and love. I know it is them because I feel compassion. I feel warmth and tenderness. I do not feel alone.
This is the kind of love my work is born from.
I hope this brings you peace today!

Love, Therese (Angel Life Coach)

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My first Braco the Gazer session experience

Last year was the first time I learned about Braco. My online friend linked me to his site (www.braco-tv.me for those looking for it) and from her message, I saw that she was truly touched and edified by the experience. Braco is a Croatian healer who heals people through his gazing. Though I was curious, I couldn’t help but be a little “eh” about it. I’ve had occasional emails from the Braco team about livestreams but it was either that I was busy or just not interested. I only realized today and in this moment that I missed out and refused help that could have accompanied me during dark times and helped me and my beloved during difficulty. I wasn’t saying YES to the help being given to me.

I said YES finally 4 days ago when I received an email. It’s been so long since the last one, or rather the last on that hadn’t gone straight to spam. When I checked the schedules, the time was perfect. April 25 11pm, which turned out to be the best day since I did not have any immediate concerns to take care of the next day.

It was also the day after my chat with guardian angel Martin about my frustrations which I haven’t fully processed because the wounds are fresh. Another thing that made the timing amazing was that the internet was blazing fast, totally extraordinary because my area has the worst reception. Tonight, it decided to cooperate. That’s how I’m able to deliver this message to you.

I joined the livestream right on time. There was a facilitator introducing Braco, his brotherly apprenticeship under a prophet, and how his work is making waves.

“Those meeting Braco´s Gaze for the first time commonly note this inviting feeling of familiarity, even friendship and trust. Others report this connection growing with time, becoming a uniquely personal foundation as their lives are enriched by the gift Braco shares. Braco’s work on behalf of people everywhere, to better lives and offer renewed hope, has been taking place since 1995, helping people in many countries: including Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Russia, Dominican Republic. And this list is growing with new countries offering invitations for Braco to visit.” – Braco.me

The talking and montages were the bulk of the livestream. Being new to his work, this can seem a little markety, but it was very informative and you could really feel the reverence and sacredness of the process.

From the footage featuring him, I was attracted to this mysterious, small-framed man. Because he gazes, I wonder if he ever communicated to his audience. It still felt like me trying to understand him from that point. When we reached the 20 minute mark, the facilitator told us to prepare. To be still with our intentions and to allow whatever sensations arise when they do.

It cut to this new area with gold walls and gold ornaments. He entered. My video became pixelated and when they zoomed to his face, the quality of my video returned to normal and I almost got swayed to tears. The facilitator psyched us up all the way, always telling us to be in a receptive state, but nothing prepared me for that hit.

His gaze… was of a friend. I felt instant solidarity. I felt that he knew, that he was there. I know that it isn’t really him that has the knowing but the Source in which he connects to. I saw a vision of bright, pure light. He really surrenders to the Source. That is what touched me deeply. He puts away him”self” (the ego) in order to be a doorway of the Source for us. I saw his eyes twitch very faintly, signs that he was praying and meditating as he did it. He was giving a moment to share the pure love and possibility of the Source.

It’s a deep feeling of peace. Before this, I woke up from my nap with a nightmare. I felt gross and like there were eyes all over me, probably residue from all the things I’ve been keeping to myself. But now, I feel so naked and pure. I feel like a lotus atop mud, above and one with it all. This may sound like an exaggeration to some of you, but the only way to know for sure is to experience it yourself.

As he prayed with his eyes, I envisioned the people I cared about. Their concerns. My concerns. But I for next time, I think I may have been thinking too hard. Braco’s gaze asks us to be present. I haven’t been present. I have been thinking small and hurt lately, but what presence really is… is to be with what truly is. What truly is? Infinite love and possibility. That’s what it truly is and means to be present.

It doesn’t matter that you’re going through a storm. It doesn’t matter that you’re ill and you have no money. What matters is that you are aware that there is infinite possibilities and that you are supported. You will find healing. You will find consolation. You will find success. And it will be because you always believed and you stayed present. Present to the opportunities that come your way, to your own effort.

Thank you Braco. For those interested in the sessions, the livestreams are totally free (donations are welcome and I highly recommend it, however) and there are sessions for April 26 & 27. If you miss the April dates no worries at all because he frequently makes sessions. Here: www.braco-tv.me

Here’s how I look after the session:


I’m not sad. Rather, I am really touched. I feel very comforted. 🙂