Events & Publicity


  • 11. Angel Inspiration launches
  • 11.28 Angel Mediumship & Mentoring Course by International Association of Angel Practitioners



  • 1.1 Hosted a New Year’s Reiki and prayer service free to all
  • 2. Hosted a Reiki & prayer event to heal World Hate
  • 2. Hired as a Writer & Team Member for Informed & Empowered
  • 4. Hired as a Live Chat Self-Help Expert for Sphere Knowledge
  • 4. Began course study in Positive Psychology at Navanas Institute
  • 4. Began IW Therapeutic Model: REBT, CBT, Art Therapy, NLP, Life Coaching Certification accredited by CPD agency
  • 4. Began Certification and volunteerism as a Trained Listener at 7cups
  • 5. Featured Blogger in an article by Roel Hernandez.

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