#1 What is Angel Inspirations?

Angel Inspirations is the culmination of Therese Castro’s transformation from a life lived in helplessness, addiction, and anxiety, to a life lead by purpose, service, and love.

It started out as a blog on FB and evolved into the discovery of her calling as a spiritual counselor and coach. Now, she offers alternative therapy and intuitive guidance for all who believe it can help them.

Therese’s style is very encouraging, validating, while being truthful and actionable. She was inspired by Angels who helped her change her life in the first place, and who continue to be her source of inspiration and strength.

#2 Why Angels?

The Angels are our divine protectors and closest companions whether we believe it or not. They are non-denominational meaning they belong to no one faith and support us with every step we take. Since they respect our freewill so much, we are allowed to experience the completeness of human experience because they see everything as an encounter of love–and this can be radically different from and beyond our limited human perspective–the power of love and the necessity of it.

They can help us rise above our circumstances by reminding us that we are captains of our lives. We are creating our lives and retelling our stories moment to moment, and that we are the perfect people to carry out our message and our purpose in this life. We are placed in our unique life circumstances because what we are going through is not impossible for us.

The Angels also teach us to see the big picture, to trust in ourselves and to make meaningful decisions. They are like our greatest spiritual cheerleaders!

#3 What is the tagline: Angel Life Coaching, Healing, Therapy?


  • I help you see the bigger perspective about any situation and yourself with clarity through INTUITIVE READINGS and DIVINATION. It’s not a fortune-telling as it is not meant to solely predict trends. That is against what Angel Inspirations stands for because it is not empowering and gives the impression that you are powerless and somehow disconnected from life.
  • The readings are meant to be a road-map to see how things are, where they could lead, and what best actions to take and how you can transform your experience. I give solutions and insights from the angels.


  • I let the client talk about their problems and the healing process comes on its own. Most of the time, people just want to be heard. They want to feel supported, loved, and accepted. I give them safe space to process their emotions.
  • The messages I get from the Angels are very reassuring. The Angels know how to be gentle and talk in a way that doesn’t shut you down but in the same time, they are very honest and frank. .


  • I am not the healer. The healers don’t have the healing powers of their own. It’s all from God/Source. And when I say God/Source, I mean the universal consciousness that is BEYOND religions.
  • We “healers” are simply channels that open up healing. We do this through validation. I guide the person to self-love and acceptance. The healing can’t take place without our belief and without our openness because we are crucial to our own healing. We can’t heal without our own permission. This permission comes from believing we are deserving and worthy of healing. And that it is possible.

#4 Why don’t some people heal?

For chronic and terminal illnesses, there are so many reasons why healing doesn’t happen and why it happens. I am really sorry for the cases that something can’t be healed. Sometimes not for that time, and other times that it never does heal.

Perhaps, sometimes, it is not healing that will take away the pain. We can transform our experience with illness and turn it into a message. Take a look at Claire Wineland, fatally diagnoses with Cystic Fibrosis and utilizing her limited life-span to create more awareness for Cystic Fibrosis and healing the stigma of death. She’s brilliant, and only a fraction of the millions of inspirational people with illnesses and diagnosis that cannot be healed– but doesn’t stop them from living a meaningful and rich life.

#5 I’m scared to have a reading

I used to be but not anymore. 

I was raised in a devoutly Catholic family so I understand the misconception, the exaggerations, the fear surrounding psychics, readings, etc. Never ever ever did I imagine I would someday be conducting the readings. But why do I do it?

Because it changed my life. I had my first psychic reading in 2012 after I had just been expelled from school. I was emotional, vulnerable, and suicidal. I wanted to kill myself and disappear until my brother invited a psychic to help me. I was honestly so scared because I was ignorant. I only knew psychics through movies and books. I thought they cast spells and curses.

But it wasn’t like that at all. I felt the most love I have ever felt in my life when the Psychic read me. And I can’t help but look back to that day and thank him infinitely for coming into my life and helping me move beyond my fear. This is what true healers and psychics do: They only have love for you. They teach you how to live the best you can, the best opportunities to take, and caution against unwise decisions or hidden/unknown influences that may cause harm. They are like human angels.

#6 Can a reading really help me?

Yes and No.

Yes — because of too many reasons to count. For starters:

  1. Help you see the trend of energy that form events. Because you can see how things are headed, you can make wiser and better decisions.
  2. See the truth of a situation and its hidden and unknown influences.
  3. Realize how much you and others impact a situation.
  4. See the opportunities and other paths you can take.
  5. Learn how truly heal, forgive, and improve.
  6. Discover your life purpose and what your strengths are, what you’ve come here to learn and do.
  7. …and more!

In summary, a reading is like the compass and map for the smart traveler. But how about the “No” reason?

No, precisely because readings are a compass and map for the traveler–nothing will change in the traveler’s life unless s/he chooses to read the map, use the compass and do something about his/her life. However, many things can change from a change of perspective and mindset. Readings are illuminating.

#7 Are we allowed to have readings? To know these things?

This is like saying, “Are we allowed to be learned for we are ignorant?”.

Readings aren’t exposing anything new–they are simply exposing the realities and potentials that exist all along. You don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to toil and flail aimlessly without direction. You don’t have to. You can make things less complicated for yourself so that you can focus on building the life you dream, because you are worthy.

#8 How can I ask for a reading or consultation?

For Readings: Start the compatibility test here.

For Free Consultation: Directly message me.

#9 What’s a consultation?

The consultation is an initial step before giving you the in-depth reading. This is free and is purely intuitive and spontaneous. You are required to give your latest photo no older than 1 week for utmost accuracy. For even more depth, you can include more than 1 photo of various dates ( ex. 6 months ago, 1 year ago) including your most recent one.

You can either give me a brief intro about you and the situation you want to ask about or not, but I will definitely ask more about you and your situation in the detailed reading.

By providing this free consultation, it not only helps me reach a broader audience, it helps when I do the detailed reading by already familiarizing myself with your energy.

It is also helpful in easing fear and anxiety towards readings and helps people realize that I am legitimate and I want to help you.

Sometimes, it is enough. Sometimes, it is not. I highly recommend the detailed reading because this will specifically address the concerns you choose. 

#10 What is included in the in-depth readings?

  1. Initial Photo-Reading/Diagnosis
  2. Exclusive Reiki Session
  3. Channeled Angel Song as .mp3
  4. Channeled Messages from your Guides, Angels, and even departed loved ones if they appear
  5. Complementary follow up readings on the concern you inquired about
  6. Your detailed reading in .pdf format
  7. Resources such as videos, book recommendations, suggested practices, etc.

*For technologically-challenged clients: You can request your Angel song and Reiki session burned as DVD/CD and your printed reading for me to ship to you OR

You can bring the Angel song (.mp3) to your local computer shop to put into a CD/DVD you can play, and bring the .pdf file to the printers for them to print. For the Reiki session, it can be viewed online. If you are still confused, you can send the contact form for me to assist you.

#11 Pricing?

  • In-depth readings for just $25 (Php 1200). 

I tried making more “summarized” readings with fewer cards to make it more affordable but I just can’t compromise the message. I am acting on behalf of the Divine Guides and the advice is 100% tailor-made for you. The readings will open up possibilities you never were able to see before and give you the strength, encouragement, and advice to start living life confidently.

If you have financial concerns, something can be arranged.

#12 Delivery time?

Readings can take up to a week. It is best not to rush the process because information may not come right away. It takes reflection. Also, I am human and I do get sick or get tired like everyone else. I will deliver it to you at the best time.

#13 Why do you charge?

Because it is fair and because it prevents abuse.

#14 How does charging prevent abuse?

  1. When something is freely given, there are some who always expect it and even command for it.
  2. They always expect it to the point that they end up not trusting in their discernment.
  3. Paying a fee is a form of energy exchange. By paying a fee, you are making your commitment to your dreams more tangible.
  4. Everything done requires time and effort. I don’t magically *poof* solutions and answers for you. I act as a catalyst or bridge. This process cannot be forced. It needs prayer, reflection, and timing. Channeling the messages takes a lot of mental dexterity and focus, not to mention time. I can take 4 hours to whole day doing a reading. I get the information bit by bit. Some cannot be rushed and information will come sometimes after days. I cannot accommodate you without sacrificing some time for myself. Imagine if I just did readings for free. There would be 100+ people asking me day and night. This has happened before and I gave to the point that I was neglecting myself. That isn’t love. Love shouldn’t feel like an obligation.

#15 My reading was AMAZING! Where do I testify?

Oh my goodness, thank you! You can email me here or if you have a Facebook, write me a review.

#16 Do you give free readings?

Yes, I do. It’s not always about money, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a just compensation.

I do give free readings to those who, in my discernment, need it the most. I also do volunteer readings when I feel the call and also for practice. No, you can’t ask me for a free reading because this has to be freely given–a gift.

#17 What language do you sing in for your Angel Songs and how do they help?

No language. I make sacred sounds that carry an intention and have an effect on the mind, body, and situation.

Try saying this aloud now, “Oma Ga Teh Tu” (Ohma-GA Teh Too). This is a phrase from a spiritual friend and teacher I have. Even though it’s not based on any human or knowable language, it has an effect on the body and psyche. I have also changed situations and even manifested things into my life using soul language/tongues.

I discovered my tongues when my Aunt and Uncle had a fight. I was so sad and in pain. I wanted to scream but that would be disruptive. So, I sang instead… but the melody was not pain and sadness. It was filled with so much love. That song was, “Jesu Parida“. My first and the only Angel song which I received a name for. I have sung to friends, clients, and family members and they said it has affected them in some way. The most common one is deep relaxation. Then, there’s crying and release, and some even get visions.

Our voices are powerful tools. You can stimulate and facilitate healing. There’s veritable proof on the effect on certain music on plants. There’s also veritable proof on intentions/thoughts on water molecules. I have had life and death situations both in dreams and in real life averted using my voice. And each time I use my voice, I always see the Angels, thus calling these “Angel Songs”.

And no, I do not claim to special or unique. EVERYONE who has a voice can do this.  

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