Life itself is a journey. Uncertain as it is, it could even be more challenging when one has unresolved past and raising 3 kids!

The faith, confidence and positive energy that this wonderful experience brought me will not just benefit myself but people around me specially my family…
Will forever be grateful!❤️
May God bless you and guide you always…
Much love,



A. Yap

She was very very accurate with me – Wonderful reading. Thank you x

P. Marsh

I had a beautiful reading , it was done with such compassion and the confirmations i received regarding my life purpose and path was incredible. Therese is such a loving caring soul who’s brought so much insight and healing I can’t begin to explain how much she’s touched me. She was attentive and responsive even with our time differences. I was not expecting the kind of message that she delivered with her angel song, it really was amazing, I’ve saved it to my sound cloud and listen to it often. Thank you, you’re a beautiful soul.

A. Marie

Therese is such an amazing coach! You can feel the love from all her readings. I’ve had such an amazing reading with her. Always remember that the readings are your guide.

O. Tomampoc

Therese is truly heaven sent! She is an amazing coach and gives so much time and love for each and every reading. You can feel it by just reading it and how everything strikes a chord in you. She’s also very patient despite her schedule. Really recommend her!

T. Kang

Wonderful reading. My question was answerd by angels. Therese Castro has a beautiful gift. I feel blessed and the angels are nearby. I wanted to rate my experience 10. Thank you. Blessings

D. Reid

Thanks very much for your reading, you were spot on. You did described the people involved down to a T, 100% recommended

M. Garrués

I had a very unique experience I would love to share with you. It’ 1:54 am here in California I was already asleep , came home from work feeling drained. All of the sudden. I wake up but have the need to look at your page and was drawn to listen to two videos you have posted one was a beautiful song I heard that just felt so amazing to hear. 2nd was thus video message here that was very heart felt. I recently started craving for the need of being loved and yearning to have the experienced to beloved by a special someone. Until I saw this message I realized that special someone I was yearning for to love me …..is me.! Now I understand that I have to love me so everything else will fall in place. Thank you for this wonderful experience tonight. Therese Castro

J. Ramirez

Such a generous, genuine heart, Therese has. It’s not only the readings that she will provide you but guidance in every aspect of your life. She, guided by the Angels, is such a catalyst to make positive change happen. Commendable and highly recommended, too!!!
Much appreciation, Therese! Thank you so much..


Thank you so much Therese for the wonderful reading you have given me.
It was very accurate. I really appreciate your advice and encouragement.
It has helped me a lot. I would definitely recommend getting a reading off you.
Bless you, Catie Smith. Xxx

C. Smith