Wonderful reading. My question was answerd by angels. Therese Castro has a beautiful gift. I feel blessed and the angels are nearby. I wanted to rate my experience 10. Thank you. Blessings


D. Reid

Thanks very much for your reading, you were spot on. You did described the people involved down to a T, 100% recommended

M. Garrués

I had a very unique experience I would love to share with you. It’ 1:54 am here in California I was already asleep , came home from work feeling drained. All of the sudden. I wake up but have the need to look at your page and was drawn to listen to two videos you have posted one was a beautiful song I heard that just felt so amazing to hear. 2nd was thus video message here that was very heart felt. I recently started craving for the need of being loved and yearning to have the experienced to beloved by a special someone. Until I saw this message I realized that special someone I was yearning for to love me …..is me.! Now I understand that I have to love me so everything else will fall in place. Thank you for this wonderful experience tonight. Therese Castro

J. Ramirez

Such a generous, genuine heart, Therese has. It’s not only the readings that she will provide you but guidance in every aspect of your life. She, guided by the Angels, is such a catalyst to make positive change happen. Commendable and highly recommended, too!!!
Much appreciation, Therese! Thank you so much..


Thank you so much Therese for the wonderful reading you have given me.
It was very accurate. I really appreciate your advice and encouragement.
It has helped me a lot. I would definitely recommend getting a reading off you.
Bless you, Catie Smith. Xxx

C. Smith

This has to be the best reading I have ever had. An incredibly accurate description of what is going on in my life, honest yet captured the infinite love of the creator and the Angels. Each word filled me with light, hope and love like I can’t describe it can only be experienced. A very inspiring and fulfilling experience. I will definately come back for future guidance. I cannot recommend this beautiful lady enough.

E. Perry

Therese, has been an amazing guide, she has brought clarity to my questions, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her help and love!

D. Moreno

Therese is a phenomenal psychic gifted not only with amazing amazing abilities but with a heart that is so pure and wants nothing but for your highest good. She is very warm, compassionate. She has no pretenses which helps to make you feel at ease with her presence. I guess I can go on and on with a lot of good things to say hahaha but what I love THE BEST is that her choice of words are very empowering so much that it allows you to claim your power back in your hands! I ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! Thank you for sharing your gift to the world, Therese! We love you!

N. Navarrete

I am so much grateful that my friends have introduced me to the angel medium, Ms. Therese Castro. I have already gone through other spiritual readings before, including a famous medium, but with Therese, you’re definitely in for a really comprehensive and thorough reading. Through her readings and angel life coaching, I feel more than fulfilled, I actually feel edified, knowing & feeling the clarity of my life’s mission. I know that I can move forward with a renewed commitment to being more courageous, trusting and worthy. Definitely spot-on! Therese, you have been such a big help to me and I do hope that you can help a lot more people along the way, and for that I am so grateful and blessed.

J. Aguilar

I’m really so surprised that her readings were so accurate.As a matter of fact I even got teary eyed while I was reading everything ..It’s as if she knows me too well ..Well in fact…We don’t know each other yet. She’s so excellent in her craft in doing photo analysis and also when you get to talk to her ,It feels like you are talking to a very good friend…Someone who doesn’t judge you but understands you instead.She’s a good soul. She’s an angel. And speaking of angels, I used to not believe in them..but after today’s readings,I realized that yes,,Angels are real and they are there to guide us to the light. As what Ma’am Therese told me,sometimes you can’t see them but sometimes they can give you signs such as seeing feathers and penny randomly…hearing a certain lyrics that have strucked your heart could also mean a message from them…or sometimes they could be in a form of a human being,,,a stranger…so the next time you experience some of these,think ..it could be your angel. Thank you so much again Ma’am Therese for your kind words and for taking the time to help me..God bless you.

R. Kho